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RSC-Northwest: - Newsletter Archive

RSC-Northwest: - Newsletter Archive | technologies |
This page provides access to the latest...
Senior Managers Newsletter; and eLearning Focus Newsletter for Learning Providers here in the Northwest of England (UK).

The aim of the Newsletters is to address the needs of individual Learning Providers and to provide guidance with eLearning.

Interactive online Newsletters and/or pdf downloads.
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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
Curated by John Dalziel
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The 2nd eMagazine for March- 2015's Issue #6 - is now available

The 2nd eMagazine for March- 2015's Issue #6 - is now available | technologies |

Published 16th March 2015; my 6th eMagazine this year, with curations, creations and more...

John Dalziel's insight:

As always I hope you find something of interest/use in the eMagazine - Please feel free to share with anyone. 

Please Note: this eMagazines contains views that are my own.

Catriona Moore's curator insight, February 11, 2014 10:34 AM

Always a handy point of reference to find out what's new out there in the world of e-learning

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Video Hosting for Business | Wistia

Video Hosting for Business | Wistia | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

If YouTube is blocked in your learning environment, what can do? If you want another place to host your videos, take a look at Wistia.
Wistia is a video hosting service designed for businesses but, it does offer a free plan for new users.
Wistia's free plan allows practitioners, and/or other users, to host up to 50 videos at a time. Wistia also provides a wide range of customisations that can be applied to embedded videos.

Practitioners and/or their learners should also visit Wistia's learning centre for tips on producing great videos at...

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Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons

Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons | technologies |
Zaption provides free interactive video tools and ready-to-use video lessons to engage learners. Our video platform is perfect for K-12, higher ed & training.
John Dalziel's insight:

Zaption transforms video-based learning with interactive content and tools that...
   - engage learners,
   - deepen understanding, and
   - track progress.
Teachers, trainers and instructional designers can use Zaption to quickly add...
   - images,
   - text, and
   - questions existing online videos.
With Zaption’s Analytics, practitioners get immediate feedback on how learners...

   - interact with content and

   - understand key concepts.

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Watchkin - Watch videos without distractions

Watchkin - Watch videos without distractions | technologies |
Watchkin lets you watch youtube videos without all the distractions of related videos and comments, and creates a safer viewing environment for families.
John Dalziel's insight:

Watchkin is another on-line tool for "Distraction-Free" YouTube Viewing
Watchkin is a service that allows practitioners, and their learners, to watch and project YouTube videos without seeing the related sidebar content typically seen on
Watchkin can be used in a number of ways. Users can...
   - enter the direct URL of a video into Watchkin to have the sidebar content removed or
   - search for videos through Watchkin and have family-friendly results displayed (if a video appears that is not family-friendly Watchkin has a mechanism for flagging it as inappropriate).
   - use the browser bookmarklet tool offered, that they can click while on YouTube to have the related content disappear from the page.
Note: Watchkin is not a work-around if a learning provider blocks YouTube and it is not a tool for downloading YouTube videos.

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PatrickJMT: FREE useful maths videos!

PatrickJMT: FREE useful maths videos! | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

PatrickJMT provides learners studying elementary through early college-level mathematics, and their practitioners who are considering, or already are, using a flipped teaching model, access to a wide variety of free on-line video tutorials in maths.
In addition, it has a store (through MindBites) in which users can purchase videos to download.
The free videos are a great starting point, and they can be downloaded for offline studying.

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MasterMath: On-line Maths Lessons

Math lessons, worksheets, quizzes, tutoring. Teen-friendly videos for 6th, 7th, 8th graders. Math Curriculum Calendar guides home-schoolers. Algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals, proportions, probability, ratios.
John Dalziel's insight:

MasterMath is an American website that provides all kinds of maths resources targeting middle school learners.

Resources include...
   - free video lessons (potential use in flipped learning),
   - practice worksheets,
   - self-grading quizzes,
   - downloadable worksheets,
...and many more.
Many resources are suitable, and/or adaptable, for Functional Skills, or similar, courses

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Minreeva Learning Solutions

Minreeva Learning Solutions | technologies |
Minreeva Learning Solutions
John Dalziel's insight:

Minreeva provides free tools and resources to learners, educators, and other stakeholders that will allow them maximize learning and teaching with the help of technology.
Suitable for Family Learning & other Maths & English courses

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Journey to the Centre of the Earth | technologies |
How far would you have to travel to reach the Earth's core? And what would you see along the way? Discover what lies beneath...
John Dalziel's insight:

Journey to the Centre of the Earth is an interactive infographic, produced by the BBC.
As users scroll down the infographic they will see little pieces of information slide into the graphic from the sides. Each of these pieces of information is a fun fact like the maximum depth of a metal detector, the depths of sunken boats, the depths of the layers of the Earth, and the pressure you would feel at various depths below the Earth's surface.
NOTE: the depth references made throughout the infographic are ones that most learners will understand.
All of this provides an excellent way for learners to get a sense of just how far it is to the centre of the Earth.

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Piazza • Ask. Answer. Explore. Whenever.

Piazza • Ask. Answer. Explore. Whenever. | technologies |
With Piazza, easily answer questions, manage course materials, and track student participation. It'll save you time, and your students will love using it. It's free, and easy to get started.
John Dalziel's insight:

Piazza is an incredibly easy, completely free Q&A platform
Practitioners can both save time and help their learners learn using the power of community.
Piazza is designed to connect learners, TAs, and practitioners so every learner can get help when they need it — even at 2AM.
Piazza was created so that all learners can have the opportunity to learn from their peers. Whether...
   - they're too shy to ask,
   - they're working alone in their home/lodgings/etc., or
   - their peers don't know the answer either.

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Lawrence Hall of Science - 24/7 Science

Lawrence Hall of Science - 24/7 Science | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

The Lawrence Hall of Science provides a portal to inter-actives covering different scientific phenomena.
Learners can use them in hands-on activities to...
   - design,
   - test and
   - discover
...amazing things about science.
The resources are arranged into different categories including:
   - After School Kids Science (ideal for Family Learning);
   - Check out Science (learners read a non-fiction book from Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading curriculum, then follow the instructions on the included activity card),
   - Explore the World (inter-actives to help learners virtually discover the world)
...and many more.

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MooMooMath - Maths Help Videos & more...

MooMooMath - Maths Help Videos & more... | technologies |
MooMooMath provides Math help videos,step by step Math help,math equations,infographics, math calculators and more.
John Dalziel's insight:

MooMooMath provides video Maths lessons in...
   - pre-algebra,
   - algebra and
   - geometry.
They also provide...
   - summaries of each video,
   - Step by step instruction,
   - Calculators,
   - Infographics,
   - math tips,
   - teacher resources, and
   - a motivation page .
   - Research has found that watching videos can be very effective when learning Maths
   - Maths Instructional videos are very helpful for visual learners
   - Step by step Maths help videos can be used in a “flipped classroom”
   - Many Maths concepts are very difficult to learn using written step by step instructions. It helps watching someone else solve the Math problem.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - Create infographics & online charts - Create infographics & online charts | technologies |
Create infographics and interactive online charts. It's free and super-easy!
John Dalziel's insight: is an on-line tool for creating interactive charts and graphs.
There are four basic chart types that you can create on
   - bar,
   - pie,
   - line, and
   - matrix.
Each chart type can be edited to use any spreadsheet information that you want to upload to your account.
The information in that spreadsheet will be displayed in your customized chart.
When you place the cursor over a completed chart the spreadsheet information will appear in small pop-up window. charts can be embedded into a...
   - blog,
   - website, or
   - wiki.

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Check My Flood Risk - Is your home at risk from flooding?

Check My Flood Risk - Is your home at risk from flooding? | technologies |
Use the Check My Flood Risk Map from Shoothill to assess the flood risk to your property from the Rivers and Sea in England.
John Dalziel's insight:

This Check My Flood Risk map shows the Environment Agency's assessment of the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea across England.
The information is based on the presence and effect of all flood defences, predicted flood levels, and ground levels. The data is available at...

...under Open Government Licence V2.
Note: The map is intended as a general guide only, to increase awareness of the likelihood of flooding from rivers or the sea, and to encourage people living and working in these areas to find out more and take appropriate action.

A useful resource for Environmental Science courses and more...

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Google Maps Special Collections

Google Maps Special Collections | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Google Maps Special Collections is a great place to find and explore the Street View imagery of interesting places all over the world.
The Street View imagery allows learners to virtually explore places in a way that can't be done by simply flipping through static pictures in a book or on websites.

They can also be embedded in blogs, websites etc.

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Hairdressing Training

Hairdressing Training | technologies |
Hairdressing Training provides resources covering male and female cuts and other hairdressing skills to hairdressing students
John Dalziel's insight:

Hairdressing Training provides...
   - exemplary step-by-step guidance videos,
   - self-evaluation tests,
   - worksheets and
   - guides
...relating to an expanding collection of hairdressing styles and techniques.
The service is mapped to the NVQ and SVQ Hairdressing/Barbering curriculum.
All video content has been created by those who teach hairdressing in UK FE colleges and are openly available.

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In Pieces - 30 Endangered Species

In Pieces - 30 Endangered Species | technologies |
30 species, 30 pieces. In Pieces is an interactive exhibition of 30 of the world’s most interesting but unfortunately endangered species — their survivals laying literally, in pieces. Explore information, facts and figures and download assets of each unique species.
John Dalziel's insight:

In Pieces provides visually appealing ways for students to learn about the threats to 30 endangered animal populations around the world.
Each of the animal's stories is told with...
   - text,
   - images, and
   - video.
Visitors to "In Pieces" will learn about...
   - the threats to each animal,
   - each animals native habit, and
   - efforts to save each animal.

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Post-it Plus App

Post-it Plus App | technologies |
Moving great ideas forward — from start to finish
John Dalziel's insight:

Post-it notes are used in many ways to engage learners and capture learning, I can’t think of many practitioners who wouldn't, at some point in their career, have tried out the Post-it notes to see what they could offer them.
The Post-it Plus app takes that learning environment accessory and gives it a digital edge.
You can also take a look at why you should try it out at...

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BetterExplained | Friendly lessons for a lasting insight.

BetterExplained | Friendly lessons for a lasting insight. | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

BetterExplained shares Maths lessons based on clear, simple insights.
   - videos,
   - diagrams, and
   - colloquial explanations,
...the site explains the logic behind mathematical equations and concepts, such as imaginary numbers or Bayes' theorem.
Practitioners as well as learners of all ages (or anyone generally interested in numbers) will love it.

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Street Art with Google Art Project

Street Art with Google Art Project | technologies |
Explore the stories behind the art. #streetartproject
John Dalziel's insight:

Google Street Art has 10,000 images, with coordinates pinpointing exact locations on all five continents.
A major aim of this project is virtual preservation. Given the temporal realities of Street Art, pilgrims may arrive to find a blank canvas where graffiti once flourished.
Documentation is key.
Not all of the work can be attributed, but users can click on an image to see what is known. Guided tours to neighborhoods rich with street art allow worldwide learners to experience the work, and the interviews with the artists dispel any number of stereotypes.
Cultural institutions like...
   - Hong Kong’s Art Research Institute, and
   - Turkey’s Pera Museum
...and street art projects based in such hubs as...
   - Bangkok,
   - Paris,
   - Rome, and
   - Sydney

...have pulled together official collections of photos and videos, but practitioners, and/or learners, can play curator too.
It’s easy to add images to a collection of their own choice which can be shared with the public at large or saved for private inspiration or used as part of an educational assignment - the list goes on.

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Magnifying the Universe

Magnifying the Universe | technologies |
Magnifying the Universe
John Dalziel's insight:

This interactive info-graphic accurately illustrates the scale of over 100 items within the observable universe ranging from galaxies to molecules and atoms.

There are many hot spots along the zoom slider allow for direct access to planets, animals, the hydrogen atom and more.
As users scroll (left to access larger items, right for smaller), a handy dial spins to show you your present magnification level.
Learners will enjoy magnifying the universe...
   - every time they zoom in a depth, they're magnifying the universe 10x and
   - every time you zoom out, the bigger objects are 1/10th of their prior size.
NOTE: The best way to experience this interactive info-graphic is in full screen - click the "Full Screen" button in the top right corner of the infographic.

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Docs.Zone converter: Convert Word/Excel/JPG to PDF!

Docs.Zone converter: Convert Word/Excel/JPG to PDF! | technologies |
Create, Convert, and Merge PDF files online. Convert PDF to Word and back to PDF. You do NOT have to install software. 100% WEB-BASED!
John Dalziel's insight:

One issue of BYOD, and/or learners submitting assignments, is the different formats used.
By using Docs.Zone converter, practitioners are just one click away from changing the many different formats to PDF.
It saves them from the hazardous and daunting effort of installing different software for the accomplishment of this process.
Docs.Zone provides range of services for such operations such as...
   - PDF merge tool,
   - web page grabber,
   - PDF to Word file converter and
   - PDF to Excel file converter etc.
Users just...
   - enter the address of website Docs.Zone in their web browser.
   - select the tab “convert file to PDF”,
   - brows for the file in their drives
   - click the “Select file” option, which adds the file to convert.
If users want to add multiple files at a time, there is another option for this operation, “Add Files”. They can add multiple files at a time.
After the selection of their required file...
   - click the “start” button for conversion.
After the conversion is finished, users can download the file from the table titled “Inbox”.
To download the file, click the download button opposite to the file name.
Once a file is converted, users can download it within a duration of 6 hours - the file will be deleted at that point.
Their original file will not be affected even after the conversion.

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Gynzy Teachers - Free Embeddable Interactive Content for Your Website

Gynzy Teachers - Free Embeddable Interactive Content for Your Website | technologies |
Gynzy's 50 most popular interactive activities for your website or blog! All (50)Mathematics (26)Language Arts (18)Science (4)Social Studies (3)
John Dalziel's insight:

Gynzy offers embeddable Inter-actives for Teaching and Learning.
Fun Interactive Tools for...
   - Maths,
   - Language Arts,
   - Science, and
   - Social Studies
...that practitioners can Embed in any Web-presence!
Gynzy also provide these 50 free Interactives which are mostly for maths and language arts.
Under their paid plans they have many more, grouped by subject and grade level.

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Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools

Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools | technologies |
Free Topic Selection Wizard, science fair project ideas, step by step how to do a science fair project, Ask an Expert discussion board, and science fair tips for success.
John Dalziel's insight:

Science Buddies is one of many websites for science practitioners.
Its target audience is younger learners, their parents, and their teachers to quickly and easily assist them in finding free project ideas and help in all areas of science from physics to food science and music to microbiology.
Science Buddies provides comprehensive, scientist-authored tools, tips, and techniques.

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Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view.

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

In their words...
"Gapminder is a non-profit venture promoting sustainable global development and achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by increased use and understanding of statistics and other information about...
   - social,
   - economic and
   - environmental
...development at...
   - local,
   - national and
   - global levels.
We are a modern “museum” that helps making the world understandable, using the Internet."
   - provides a good way for visual learners to see data sets in a context that is significantly different from standard data sets.
   - has a page for educators on which they can find thematic animations, graphs, quizzes, model lessons, and a PDF guide to using Gapminder.
NOTE: For practitioners working in learning environments with slow Internet connections or very strict filtering, Gapminder also has a desktop application that users can download and install for Mac or Windows computers.

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Auschwitz-Birkenau | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

This website, for the museum and memorial, has been redesigned to include...
   - explanations of what can be visited;
   - the history of the site and
   - the horrifying acts that happened there.
There are also...
   - reports and
   - videos
...highlighting the camp's liberation, including...
   - interactive exhibits and
   - photography.
A resource for many educational courses.

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Craft - job search - IAG

Craft - job search - IAG | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Craft can help learners find...
   - positions to apply for and
   - information about different companies.
Learners can...
   - search for a specific firm, or
   - click a category to see a list of leading companies.
They can then click a logo to find out...
   - what a company does;
   - how many employees a company has;
   - about the companies key financial statistics and
   - if there are any jobs on offer.
Note: at the time of curating this, Craft is mostly centred on London & San Francisco, but many of the companies are very large and have a large reach.

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