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Printrbot - aims to bring an affordable 3D printer to every Learning Provider
Keeping ahead of the game is an aim of many Learning providers and they are aware that some of the most impactful technologies, of the future, are already available today. 
It’s becoming increasingly clear that 3D printing is not just a passing fad, but already is making a huge impact within Learning Environments. 
3D printing is already being utilised in a number of fields today, including... 
► aerospace and defence, 
► the automotive industry and 
► healthcare... 
to name just a few. 
For an education-focused 3D printing company, Learning Providers may find it useful to check out Printrbot which aims to bring an affordable 3D printer to every Learning Provider. Printrbot offers discounted pricing for educators to meet this goal. 
Here in the UK RoboSavvy - - are Printrbot's Authorised Distributors.
Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software
Detect Plagiarism 
When learners use a series of sources for research or inspiration, they can accidentally copy the content. 
Copyscape helps to detect such plagiarism; it shows what pieces of the text are plagiarised so learners can rewrite or cite them in the proper manner. 
Moreover, users can add several of their own articles and compare them with each other. 
The video clip at provides an excellent introduction to the Copyscape Plagiarism Checker and is well worth a look.
Grammarly - One of the most effective tools in editing and proofreading
When learners have a lot of written assignments, proofreading and editing all of the content manually is a daunting task. 
In this situation, they need a tool that will help them to find...
► misprints, 
►  grammar and 
►  spelling errors. 
One of the most effective tools in editing and proofreading is Grammarly 
What distinguishes it from others? 
This tool works with a number of programs including Microsoft Word and most internet browsers. 
► download it, 
► install and 
► start using!
One for all learners.
Attendance Sorter - Google Sheets add-on
Attendance Sorter is a Google Sheets Add-on that will take attendance data collected through Google Forms and make it easy to sort in meaningful ways. 
These videos are worth a closer look... provides a brief tutorial and provides a short overview of what Attendance Sorter can do for you. 
Attendance Sorter could save time and make the data collected meaningful. 
Well worth a closer look.