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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Buffer: Social Media Management Platform 

Buffer: Social Media Management Platform  | technologies |
Buffer is an intuitive social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive social media results.
John Dalziel's insight:
Buffer is a digital marketing automation tool that can be adapted for MicroLearning in a learning environment. 
It allows Educational Practitioners to send out automated reminders to their learners via social media. 
They can share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn – all from one place, on their schedule. 
For example, any link, text, picture or video Educational Practitioners want to share, they... 
  - just add it to their Buffer. 
  - updates will automatically be scheduled and spaced out throughout the day to post to their chosen social networks. 
Users can custom schedule or "post now" right inside the app or from their web browser. 
Social media platforms are also good for group discussions, it's important Educational Practitioners include them in their study program. 
Buffer will help users manage and share their "lessons"/"Micro-Learning" across all platforms. 
Educational Practitioners will also love Buffer because they'll get analytics for each update they share... 
  - Clicks,
  - Retweets,
  - Repins,
  - Likes,
  - Shares,
  - Mentions 
...and more. 
Well worth trying out the Free Plan where users connect up to 4 of their Social Accounts with 10 scheduled posts per profile. 
Yes tools do have other uses than the ones they were designed to do. 
P.S. Buffer apps are available for... 
Give it a try!
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Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 is an alternative for Microsoft Office

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 is an alternative for Microsoft Office | technologies |

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 is a completely free office productivity suite, which includes three programs that reflect the different purposes and tasks required in any educational / working / personal environment.


These are:
- Writer - fully equipped modern word processor;
- Presentation - create effective multimedia presentations;
- Spreadsheets - handle all your data processing and analysis requirements.


Kingsoft Office Free is a revolutionary office suite with a small size of only 36.4MB. It is quite stable and reliable.


It is also available for Andriod OS.


Although it is a free suite, Kingsoft Office comes with many innovative features, including a paragraph adjustment tool, and multiple tabbed feature. It also has Office to PDF converter, automatic spell checking and word count features.


Ideal for those who can't afford alternatives.


This post provides more information and links for downloads.

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JISC Mobile is live: what do you think? : JISC

JISC Mobile is live: what do you think? : JISC | technologies |
JISC has launched JISC Mobile, a cut-down version of the JISC website, optimised for mobile use.
The site contains recent content that users are likely to want to access whilst on the move, such as news items or podcasts. It doesn’t contain all the content on the JISC website and links are provided on every page back to the main site for those who want to explore further (although the main site is not optimised for mobile devices).
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Tapestry: Beautiful Storytelling/"writing"

Tapestry: Beautiful Storytelling/"writing" | technologies |
Tapestry is a growing collection of short, wonderful stories made for reading on your phone.
John Dalziel's insight:

For me, Tapestry isn't so much about the growing collection of short stories ideal for reading and enjoying on a smartphone.
It's more about a new way for learners and/or practitioners to tell stories, embracing some of the most important elements of telling a great story: succinctness, pacing, and creativity.
To be fair, the growing collection of short stories are ideal for engaging Functional Skills learners learning to read and/or express themselves.
Oh yes, the app (iPhone & Android) allows them to create and read stories on the go!

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Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites | technologies |

Free Website Builder - Zoho Sites lets users build professional looking websites easily.


Zoho Sites...

- is a new addition Zoho's suite of services.

- appears to be trying to address two frequently-noted shortcomings of Google Sites by offering...

     - visually impressive themes and

     - by automatically making the sites mobile-friendly.


To create a site on Zoho Sites users can sign-in using a Zoho account, Google account, or Facebook account.


Looking to build a new course website that is mobile friendly, then Zoho Sites is worth a closer look.

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Are We Wired For Mobile Learning? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Voxy Blog

"Because of the proliferation of new technologies, the younger generation today is outgrowing traditional forms of education – remember pencils, chalkboards, textbooks and graphing calculators? Whether we are in the car, on the train, at work, or in a classroom, mobile technology in particular is giving us the ability to learn on-the-go. See the infographic below to learn why we are wired for mobile learning, and how we can use mobile technologies to educate ourselves."
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