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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Scooped by John Dalziel!

Skaffl - classroom workflow

Skaffl - classroom workflow | technologies |
Get Skaffl - classroom workflow on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.
John Dalziel's insight:

Skaffl could provide a solution for practitioners who want a simple way to distribute and collect assignments without wading through a myriad of extra features that they won’t use.
Skaffl is a free iPad app that is designed to help practitioners...
   - distribute,
   - collect, and
   - grade assignments
...on their iPad.
On Skaffl practitioners can create 'classrooms' that their learners join through a class code.
Once a 'classroom' is created practitioners can distribute assignments and hand-outs to their learners.
Assignments can be created in the app or practitioners can attach items created outside of the Skaffl app.
Their learners can submit work through the app.
Practitioners can grade their learners’ assignments directly within the app.
Assignments that aren’t going to be graded (a rough draft of an essay, for example) can be annotated by practitioners to provide learners with ungraded feedback.
To sum up, with Skaffl
Practitioners can:
   - Create activities for students to complete
   - Plan ahead and save activities for distribution when you need them

   - Collect student work

   - Annotate and grade student assignments
Learners can:
   - Get their assignments and keep track of due dates
   - Hand in their assignments from other apps
   - Annotate and complete written assignments
   - Ask questions directly to their teachers using assignment comments

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Voxer - Push-to-Talk App for Organisational Communication

Voxer - Push-to-Talk App for Organisational Communication | technologies |
Voxer is a walkie talkie like system with live voice, text, and photos. Get started by signing up and downloading our app for iOS, Android, or Windows phones.
John Dalziel's insight:

Voxer features...
• Live audio and recorded audio, text, photos
• Walkie Talkie-like functionality on a smart device
• iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and computer
• Data network interoperability for any carrier or WiFi
• Military-grade security and encryption
• Syncs seamlessly across all user devices
–think of it like voice text messaging, with sent receipts, offline use, image support, groups, and more.
Voxer could be one technology learning providers, and/or their stakeholders, have been looking for, to...
   - enhance current practice and
   - make their business more effective
How? Well they
1. Never miss a message, since everything is saved
2. Don’t have to repeat themselves
3. Don’t have nonstop interruptions
4. Have voice, text, and photo messages in one place
5. Talk seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices
6. Use push-to-talk on the best smartphones or tablets
7. Don’t have to be locked in with a wireless carrier
A potentially "must have technology" for Assessors, Verifiers, Managers, Administrators, Quality Control, the list goes on...

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Chalkup: Social Learning Platform, Simple Learning Management.

Chalkup: Social Learning Platform, Simple Learning Management. | technologies |
Chalkup is a new learning, communication, and social studying platform for the modern class. Use Chalkup for class discussions, assignments, course materials, messages, and flashcards.
John Dalziel's insight:

Chalkup is an on-line service that allows practitioners to create classes to which they can distribute announcements and assignments in a message board style.
Their learners can sign-in to...
   - see what has been posted,
   - reply to posts, and
   - submit assignments.
Chalkup allows practitioners to distribute Google Drive files to their learners and they, in turn, can submit Google Drive files to practitioners.
Practitioners can simply select a file from their Google Drive account and share it through Chalkup.
When learners submit assignments in Chalkup, practitioners can comment and draw on their Google Documents as well as give them a numeric grade for their assignments.

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Form+ - Create easy forms; easily

Form+ - Create easy forms; easily | technologies |
Create easy forms; easily. Form+ brings the power of Google Drive to forms.
John Dalziel's insight:

If practitioners and/or other stakeholders are looking to expand their use of Google Forms, Form+ may be a tool for them.
For example, Using the option to collect files via upload could be a good way to organize learners' assignments, especially for those who don't have a VLE. Practitioners can create a form, for each assignment, post it on their course blog and, as a result, have all of the uploaded files go into a specific folder.
Even better for those who want a quick solution, Form+ has an upload form template ready for them to use and re-use as often as they like.

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Team Maker

Team Maker by Chirag Mehta and Tamara Swedberg - create random teams and groups easily
John Dalziel's insight:

Looking for quick ways to separate learners into randomized teams?
There are a number of options but Team Maker is fast, easy to use, and effective.
- Input a plain text list of names, one name per line.
- Input a separate list of potential team names.
- Select how many teams you want to generate the names for.
Based on those inputs, Team Maker will generate teams for you.
Note: The default result is an HTML output directly on the site, but you can export to an Excel CSV file if preferred.

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Find Anyone's Email Address - Free SEO Tool from BuzzStream

Buzz Stream’s email research tool is great for Learning providers hunting down the contact details of a person or website.


With Buzz Stream the only information users need to know is the website address, name or company.


Fill out any of these details and hit ‘Generate Searches’ and you are presented with a variety of Google search operators that will scour the site for email links and contact forms.


It’s lightweight and easy to use, perfect for when you need to find the contact details of a single site.


Also useful for those engaged in Digital Literacy as it provides the range of Google search operators used.

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Three tips for rounding Excel time values | TechRepublic

Three tips for rounding Excel time values | TechRepublic | technologies |
Summing Excel date and time values is easy; rounding requires a bit of function help.


This CPD for Excel users looks at Excelfrom an Administrators point of view, concentrating on payroll, timesheets etc. including...





Excel worksheets for these tips are also available

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The 100 Best Twitter Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition)

The 100 Best Twitter Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition) | technologies |

This post, by Edudemic, is really a response to many practitioners who feel Twitter has no role in Teaching & Learning.


I have tried a number of these tools and do use some of them. 


Tools include those for...

- Managing Twitter;

- Finding 'Friends' (those studying the same course?)

- Sharing (files, photographs, media...)

- Games

- News & Research

- Twitterers (feeds to educational resources etc)

- Groups (Ideal for keeping things organised)

- Organisation & Productivity


I'll be returning to some of these for further investigation of their potential - watch this space OR twitter :-)

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Printable Calendar

Printable Calendar | technologies |

Printable Calendar is a utility providing a clean, simple calendar that you can print in your web browser.


By default, when users visit the Printable Calendar’s homepage, they will see a view of the current month’s dates. Month and year can then be changed and update the calendar to reflect the selections.


A Print button lets users print out the calendar just like they would any other page.

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The 60-Second Guide To Texting In The Classroom | Edudemic

The 60-Second Guide To Texting In The Classroom | Edudemic | technologies |

Although the idea of permitting students to text in class may appear problematic at first, with the appropriate supports, practitioners can take advantage of the technology and, in turn, create more meaningful and engaging learning experiences.


This post provides a few examples as to how practitioners can utilize text message technology in their classrooms and increase learner engagement and content mastery:


Content includes...

- Group Texting - currently, links to tools tend to be USA only;

- Silent In-Class Discussion;

- Live Polling - including links to tools 

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YouTube: Force Approval of Comments

YouTube: Force Approval of Comments | technologies |

...a Tech-Recipes Tutorial; Safeguarding


eReputation is important to Learning Providers just as much as it is for their learners and other stakeholders.


This tutorial allows those Learning Providers with YouTube Channels (and/or presence) to review comments before they are displayed.


A "no brainer" me thinks!

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Free positive behavior reinforcement | StudentPositive

Here is one for those engaged in Initial Teacher Training - Free positive behaviour support and classroom management. Simple for teachers, real-time feedback for students, and robust reporting for data-driven schools.


Teachers or schools interested in using StudentPositive with their students can register for a beta invite on the company’s website,

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Scooped by John Dalziel! - Create a mobile web page with QR code FREE - Create a mobile web page with QR code FREE | technologies |
qrnotes is the easiest way to attach web based content and social features to real world objects with QR code. Instantly generate your QR code with a mobile web page attached to it.


Create notes (with photos) and turn them into QR codes is a QR code web application which practitioners could end up using the most. helps users transmit a page (with images if need be) via the compact medium of QR codes.

Users can create a piece of text under 500 words, give it a headline, and attach an image in JPG, BMP, or PNG format.

The QR code generated points to this online document.

This code can be printed, or downloaded as GIF so that anyone can scan it and reach the byte of information.

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7 Sticky Notes - Fun, interactive, powerful and cool Sticky Notes for your Desktop!

7 Sticky Notes - Fun, interactive, powerful and cool Sticky Notes for your Desktop! | technologies |
7 Sticky Notes is a 100% free desktop notes software that creates Sticky Notes directly on your Desktop! It has a great good-looking realistic sticky note appearance with great features, and it is at the same time simple to use, reliable, and light!
John Dalziel's insight:

Post-its on the desktop or Start Screen can be extremely helpful for remembering small but important amounts of information.
Many practitioners and/or learners will prefer to stop cluttering up their desk and go digital.
7 Sticky Notes is an ideal option, for those either running Windows 7 still, or if they’re on Windows 8 but prefer the desktop over the Start Screen.
7 Sticky Notes offers plenty of options for formatting notes and the text within them.
After the installation...
   -  an icon appears in the notification tray (the area in the bottom right corner of your desktop).
   -  Right-clicking the icon provides the option to open a new note.
When a new note is opened, the Note Configuration Window will appear beside it allowing users to change...
   -  the colour of the note,
   -  the font,
   -  font size,
   -  font colour
...and more.
There’s also an option to set alarms.

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Scooped by John Dalziel! | ReMarkable | ReMarkable | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

ReMarkable – is an application that allows practitioners to accept, mark and return documents to learners with ease. Once users download the app they are given a unique email address that can be used to accept any document type to ReMarkable.

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Drawboard PDF app for Windows in the Windows Store

Drawboard PDF app for Windows in the Windows Store | technologies |
Learn more about Drawboard PDF by Drawboard and download it from the Windows Store
John Dalziel's insight:

Drawboard PDF is a PDF annotator in the Windows Store (You'll need Windows 8.1 to run this app).
It's ideal for...
- replacing the pen and paper, and
- avoiding printing documents
Users can...
- either upload or create a new PDF,
- annotate using the extensive array of tools,
- save it back as a compatible PDF.
Oh yes, for many the most important bit, it's FREE

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Crocodoc |Comment on, edit, and fill PDF files, Word documents, images and more

Crocodoc |Comment on, edit, and fill PDF files, Word documents, images and more | technologies |
Comment on, edit, and fill out PDFs, Word documents, images and more. Highlight text and add comments using our free online document annotator.
John Dalziel's insight:

For many practitioners,sharing and reviewing documents and presentations with others can be quite demanding.
Crocodoc can change that, alleviating the need to email attachments back and forth, print and pass around hard copies, or install expensive collaboration software.
With Crocodoc practitioners can view and mark PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, online.
Those documents can be shared with others, who can collaboratively highlight or strikeout text, add notes and comments, and make revisions. All files are stored securely on the Crocodoc servers, and can be password protected and encrypted for maximum security.
CrocoDoc, in my opinion, has a nice interface and a small learning curve.

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Pheed | technologies |

- is a new social media platform launched on August 10, 2012.
- offers the standard sharing features such as text, photos and videos,
- has added new stuff like voice-notes, audio clips and live-broadcasting.
- also gives users the option to apply a monthly subscription fee to their channel or setting a pay-per-view live broadcast event. In both cases, users select the pricing and earn directly.


Note: users can always share and hang out for free, it's up to them.


Is this an opportunity to set up an Educational Social Media Presence that learners are not using (yet)?


Follow me at ;

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How To Create Your Own Custom Google Search Engine

How To Create Your Own Custom Google Search Engine | technologies |
Have you ever wanted to create a custom Google search engine that searches only specific websites?


You can easily do this with Google’s Custom Search Engine tool.


You can bookmark your search engine and even share it with other people.

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Appointlet | technologies |

Appointlet is an Appointment Scheduling Tool Built For Google Calendar.


Many Learning Provider Stakeholders have to deal with making appointments and then logging them into a calendar so they can actually remember to keep them.


There are easier ways.


Appointlet is one that those stakeholders may want to take a closer look at.


Appointlet lets those wishing to make appointments to use the web hosted applet to see the calendar and schedule an appointment with individuals (Selected from a list).


They can look at availablility, and with a couple of clicks add their name to the selected schedule. 


The biggest plus is the integration with Google Calendar.


When a client schedules an appointment with an individual, it will automatically show up in their calendar.


Appointlet also has a built-in reminder system, so if having it in your calendar isn't enough, individuals will be alerted.

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Asana: the Modern Way to Work Together

Asana: the Modern Way to Work Together | technologies |


- is a task management tool for groups;

- allows users to create multiple projects and lists of assignments for completing each project.

- allows users to assign tasks to the members of a group;

- provides feeds for projects so that members can subscribe and receive updates about new assignments and progress toward the completion of projects;

- has a mobile website that users can use on their iPad or Android tablet.

- has a Chrome web app.


Asana could be a great tool for learners to use to manage complex long-term projects that they are working on in teams.


Practitioners can use Asana to create a group of students then use Asana to send them assignment and/or other reminders.


Managers may also find Asana great for planning academic department meetings.


Groups can have up to 30 members in the free version of Asana.

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MyCommittee - Online Meeting Agenda and Minutes

MyCommittee - Online Meeting Agenda and Minutes | technologies |

Online tools and resources for organizing effective meetings are wide and varied, and extremely useful. 


MyCommittee is one such tool and it...

- reduces the need for back and forth emails and forwarding documents to pull together a meeting;

- allows users to organize and manage meetings with their committee members, as well take minutes online and share them after each gathering;

- includes basic features and tools for small to midsize meetings;

- is especially useful if you’re holding online meetings on say Google Hangouts, Skype, or other similar sites.

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Screenleap | Instant Screen Sharing

Screenleap | Instant Screen Sharing | technologies |

ScreenLeap shares a users actual screen in real-time by letting recipients (learners) join a live session.



- go to ScreenLeap and click on “Share my screen”.

- a unique session code will be provided that users can send to anybody.

- once they enter the code on ScreenLeap, they can join the session and see exactly what you are seeing or doing on your computer.


The best part about ScreenLeap...

- no software to download,

- no extensions to install and

- no signups to do.


All that's required is a browser (Firefox works well) with updated Java plugin.


This  allows ScreenLeap to be used on computers, tablets, smartphones and any other device with a web browsing capability.


P.S. Learners can share their screens with assessors :-)

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lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing

lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing | technologies |
lino is an online web sticky note service that can be used to post memos, to-do lists, ideas, and photos anywhere on an online web canvas. lino is a completely free service that runs on all popular web browsers.


Access lino from your home, office, or even on the road and post a sticky note online whenever you want/need to!


- make a note right away wherever you are;

- Set reminders/due dates on stickes;receive Email reminders on the morning of the due date;

- arrange pictures and videos and share them with colleagues/peers/assessors etc.
- creating groups; share ideas with group members;
- share files by attaching files to stickies;
- Use with smartphone;

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The Mentimeter

The Mentimeter | technologies |

Interact with your audience - Free of charge and without registration!


Mentimeter allows 'presenters' to pose a question to their audience and get instant feedback on that question through cell phones, tablets, and any other Internet-connected device.


Mentimeter is free and very easy to use.


If your organisation has been considering purchasing one of those expensive clicker response systems give Mentimeter a try before making a purchase.

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