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Storyboard That: A FREE Online Storyboard Creator

Storyboard That: A FREE Online Storyboard Creator | technologies |
Looking for an amazing, fun, free, and easy to use online storyboard creator? See why students, screenwriters, and businesses love Storyboard That.
John Dalziel's insight:

Storyboard That is an on-line service that provides templates in which practitioners, and/or learners, can create their stories in a comic strip style.
Storyboard That provides...
   -  dozens of scenes,
   -  characters, and
   -  text bubbles fill users' storyboard's frames.
Each element that's dragged into a storyboard frame can be...
   -  re-sized,
   -  rotated, and
   -  re-positioned.
The completed storyboard can be saved as...
   -  a comic strip,
   -  a set of images (one image for each frame), or
   -  a set of PowerPoint slides.
In the teachers' resources section there are lesson plans for teaching language arts through comic creation.
NOTE: the free version allows only 2 creations per week, only 3 and 6 cell comic strips and the Powerpoint and High Resolution exports are watermarked.

Vittorio Canavese's curator insight, September 5, 3:12 AM

Mi sembra di averlo già segnalato, ma meglio abbondare comunque.

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GeoStories | technologies |
GeoStories combine interactive maps, media, and narrative. This collection contains all GeoStories from NG Education.
John Dalziel's insight:

GeoStories are short, map-based stories featured on National Geographic Education.

The stories combine text, maps, and pictures to tell a story as a series of slides connected to placemarks on maps. National Geographic Education currently offers twenty GeoStories.

The current GeoStories cover subjects in the areas of...

- politics,

- ecology,

- music, and

- exploration.
The Geostories offer a good model of using maps to enhance the telling of a story.

Melissa Marshall's curator insight, December 21, 2013 5:06 PM

GeoStories are published by National Geographic and contain a narrative, a map and media. It  would be a great idea for students to make their own GeoStory about a significant historical character, ancient civilisation or a journey of discovery! 

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ACMI Storyboard Generator

A creative studio space to explore storytelling and the moving image. Download free video, images and sound and upload your own media. Create your own storyboards and share them online.
John Dalziel's insight:

Try the Storyboard Generator with learners where they can...
- choose a script and create a storyboard; or
- try building their own storyboard using background location photographs.
Once done, they can save and share their storyboard video with friends.
Note: Learners need to register with Generator first if they would like to save their storyboard.
Learners can also gain a deeper understanding of the context of various stories through Generator's Education Themes section.

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Inspire My Kids

Inspire My Kids | technologies |

Looking for stories to spark discussion within tutorials, Health & Social Education etc?


Well, Inspire My Kids is a website featuring stories that are designed to inspire learners to embrace "positive actions".


Inspire My Kids uses...
     - videos,
     - pictures,
     - audio, and
     - text tell the stories of inspiring people and groups of people.


User can...
     - find stories on Inspire My Kids by browsing through the list of values and topics.
     - refine their story search by age appropriateness.

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UtellStory - Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact

UtellStory - Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact | technologies |
A multimedia storytelling and sharing community.
John Dalziel's insight:

UtellStory is a multimedia storytelling and sharing community where practitioners, and/or learners, can easily create and share stories with...
   - audio,
   - image,
   - video and
   - words.
Users don’t have to use all of these media together in one story but they can if its necessary.
A story can be as simple as one photo or can be a combination of multiple images, video, audio recording and background music.
The idea is to empower users to tell their stories, engage learners and make an impact.

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Storyboard That

Storyboard That | technologies |
Storyboard That is a cutting edge Web 2.0 tool for rapidly creating amazing storyboards, no art skills needed. Great for business meetings and in the classroom for students to express their creativity.
John Dalziel's insight:

Storyboard provides a fun and creative way for learners to learn, and an innovative and fun way to visually communicate their work.

Many are visual learners, finding text heavy going and documents to be quite boring.

Creating a good storyboard is a collaborative process, and the more they share the better their outcome.

Tina Jameson's curator insight, August 29, 2013 3:50 PM

Useful innovative tool, which would be great for those students planning their 'Book Trailers'.

Scooped by John Dalziel!

Storyboard That

Storyboard That | technologies |

Storyboard That is a tool for learners and/or practitioners to use to...
- create simple cartoon stories
- create outlines for longer creative writing projects or
- script videos they're producing.


The free plan, users do have to register to save, allows users to save three projects per day.


Storyboard That provides users with 3-frame and 6-frame templates in which they can create their story.


Storyboard That provides dozens of...
- scenes,
- characters, and
- text bubbles fill the storyboard frames.


Each element dragged onto a storyboard's frame has its own layer that can be...
- moved nearer or further back,
- flipped or mirrored
- resized,
- rotated, and
- repositioned.

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