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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - All views are my own and not of my employer.
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Programmers use various programming environments to type and prepare their programming code.


By learning the text shortcuts for these environments, learners can greatly improve their time efficiency and productivity.


To help them practice and learn shortcuts for different environments is a web service called ShortcutFoo. Visit to find out more.

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IXL | technologies |

IXL is the Web's most comprehensive maths practice site. Popular among educators and families, IXL provides unlimited questions in more than 2,000 topics. An adaptive learning system, featuring games and awards, inspires students to achieve.


Anyone who visits IXL can complete up to 20 questions each day and view local academic objectives.


But if users want the ability to complete unlimited math problems every day, and if practitioners want IXL to save student work so they can view progress reports, they need to join.


Educator subscriptions are designed for practitioners to use with their learners.


Practitioners can subscribe with a single classroom license or they can subscribe as part of a site license, which includes multiple practitioner accounts.


Learners use their accounts to practice maths.
Practitioners use their accounts to monitor their learners.

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