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VOA | Nuclear Reactors

VOA | Nuclear Reactors | technologies |
Nuclear plants: Explore our worldwide database of nuclear reactors, including which plants have been decommissioned and how many plants your country has.
* which parts of the world contain nuclear reactors;
* the number of nuclear reactors in a region - displayed in coloured circles;
* details of the reactor locations.
In addition to displaying reactors on a map, the site graphically displays the construction and shutdown stats of reactors worldwide. Visitors to the website can also...
* view the reactors names in a traditional list format;
* view research reactors; and
* filter reactors by country.
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Scooped by John Dalziel!

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Game

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Game | technologies |
I hope, in the wake of the recent Japanese Nuclear Reactor crisis, that I don't upset anybody by including this Nuclear Power Plant Simulator.

The Nuclear Power Plant Simulator raises awareness about how nuclear energy is harnessed to generate electricity and what it takes to control a nuclear plant.

The game places users inside the control room of a small commercial nuclear power plant. The object to produce as much electricity as possible without causing a core meltdown. To do so users will have to run the plant to its limits but care must be taken not to push too hard and cause damage. If users don't push too hard it will not break down, but their energy output and rating will be lower. They have to find the balance between efficient energy production and safe handling of the equipment.

Users have to adjust...

* the control rods to produce heat in the reactor;
* the primary coolant to carry heat to the heat exchanger; and
* the secondary coolant to take steam to the turbine and on to the cooling tower.

There is also a supply of emergency coolant if required. Numerous gauges and screens and warning lights keeps users busy during the entire gameplay.

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is addictive, and as much fun as educative;
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