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NEWSTOEBOOK.COM - Read feeds from Feedly

NEWSTOEBOOK.COM - Read feeds from Feedly | technologies |
Take your news feeds offline to read on your e-reader.
John Dalziel's insight:

NewsToEbook now works with Feedly. With it users can download their unread items from Feedly to an EPUB or MOBI ebook file, which they can then read on their...
- offline e-reader
- Kindle,
- Kobo,
- Nook and even their...
- tablet
Setting this up will require adding a bookmarklet to their shortcuts.
Once they’ve done that, they...
- go to Feedly
- Log in, and
- click the bookmarklet.
They’ll be asked what they’d like to download

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Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader | technologies |

Kindle Cloud Reader is a great tool for practitioners and learners alike, who don’t even own a Kindle.

The Kindle Cloud Reader syncs previously read pages to all devices, so users don’t need to start at the beginning every time they pick up the book on a different device.

It also...
- automagically updates itself; and
- even has an offline mode that lets users read their books when not connected to the Internet. Perfect for when users are out of wi-fi range.

Note: at the time of curating this, Kindle Cloud only works with Chrome or Safari Browsers.

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Need to convert a Pdf eBook to Kindle format?

Need to convert a Pdf eBook to Kindle format? | technologies |
Simple. No download required and it's free to use. Works on all platforms: Mac, Linux and Windows
John Dalziel's insight:

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to read pdfs on a kindle or other eBook reader?

Easier to carry around,read on the bus/train etc.
pdf4kindle is a web service that lets users convert PDF files into MOBI format supported by Kindle, other eBook Readers and smartphones.
To convert a pdf file simply...
- go to the website,
- click “Upload pdf file”
- locate and select the pdf file
- wait while the file is converted and once it is finished
- download the .mobi file to the Kindle orother device.
NOTE: the conversion process might take some time based on the size of the PDF document.
Some learning providers may find that learners may prefer documents in MOBI format.

At least ask them or raise their awareness of pdf4kindle.

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