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E-Driver | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Too many car crashes involve young people as drivers and as passengers.
Many of them are injured as a result and some unfortunately die.
This short programme will provide information about the following:
   - Numbers of deaths and injuries
   - Causes of car crashes
   - The role of passengers
   - Consequences of car crashes.

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Automotive Council UK

Automotive Council UK | technologies |
The Automotive Council aims to:

* Create a transformed business environment for the automotive industry in the UK to provide a more compelling investment proposition for related industries;
* Develop further the technology roadmaps for low carbon vehicles and fuels, and exploit opportunities to promote the UK as a strong candidate to develop these and other technologies;
* Develop a stronger and more competitive automotive supply chain;
* Provide a stronger public voice for the industry to support the value of the industry to the UK and to global partners;
* Ensure a strategic, continuous conversation between Government and the automotive industry in the UK.
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2CARPROS | technologies |

Got a Car Repair Question? 2CarPros Professional Mechanics Online will answer it free. Information that solves car problems quickly.


2CarPros was started in 1999 to answer car repair advice questions; it is still going strong.


Resources for practitioners and learners include...

- a strong Q&A base,

- How do car components work,

- Auto Term Abbreviations

- Brake Replacement Guides and

- repair guides (including video clips).

and visitors can submit their own questions to the experts for free.


Auto repair questions are grouped by manufacturer and users can drill down to the make of a particular car.


The guides can be a bit text-heavy with few illustrations, but the detailed step-by-step walkthroughs should help learners get a bearing on how it’s all done. 

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