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using New and Emerging Technologies to enhance Learning Provider's "current Practice" - John is a retired eLearning Adviser, but keeping up to date, and all views are his own
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Kiddom - Collaborative Learning Platform for Educational Practitioners

Kiddom - Collaborative Learning Platform for Educational Practitioners | technologies |

Kiddom is the easiest way to plan, assess, and analyse learning. Practitioners and learners sign up for free.

John Dalziel's insight:
Kiddom provides an easy Way to Plan, Assess, and Analyse Learning which is similar to Google Classroom;. there is also a free iPhone and iPad app at 
Kiddom provides a collaborative learning space where Educational Practitioners can...
  - plan,
  - assess and
  - analyze 
Kiddom is ideal for...
  - blended learning or
  - flipped learning environments. 
Kiddom is also integrated with Google Drive allowing users to easily create and share documents with learners. 
To help both Educational Practitioners and learners stay organised, Kiddom automatically creates folders for documents and assignments shared through Google Drive. 
Educational Practitioners can use Kiddom to monitor learners progress using the app’s integrated grade book. 
Based on generated progress reports, Educational Practitioners can track learners' learning and assess classroom performance. 
Kiddom’s assessment library provides... 
  - quizzes, 
  - videos, 
  - assessments, 
  - lessons, 
  - real-world exercises,
...and more. 
Learners can use Kiddom to see all of their papers, videos, quizzes, practice worksheets and more. 
Kiddom also allows them access to ‘detailed achievement reports in real-time. 
Easily understandable graphs to show what they mastered, what needs work, and what to focus on next. 
Free for learning environments: Kiddom is an easy way to plan, assess, and analyse learning.
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Hemingway | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Hemingway is a free tool designed to help learners analyse their writing.
   - offers a range of information about the passage they've written or copied and pasted into the site;
   - highlights the parts of their writing that use passive voice, adverbs, and overly complex sentences.
All of those factors are accounted for in generating a general readability score for their passage.
Note: A new beta version (you can opt-into it) includes tools for formatting text within the Hemingway editor.

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ThreeBar - Home

ThreeBar - Home | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

A lot of web presences have a bar placed right on top of them. This bar is used for a variety of purposes...
- advertising,
- providing a quick link to a publication
- providing a link to any other resource etc.
Check out ThreeBar if you would like to get such a bar for your own website.
ThreeBar is a web service that...
- lets its users create a bar to be placed on top of their website.
- lets users create an account for free and then get on with customizing their very own top bar.
The editing option includes...
- setting a custom piece of text to place on the bar.
- changing the text that goes on a clickable button placed on the bar.
Note: The URL that this button redirects to can also be customised and you can select whether the URL is opened in the same tab or in a new popup.
Font families, colour schemes, and more are all customisable.
To use the bar created, copy the embeddable code provided and use it on the webpages on which the top bar is to appear.
The free account limits the number of bars that can be created.

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Welcome to Flubaroo

Welcome to Flubaroo | technologies |
Multiple choice quizzes are still used by practitioners for a variety of purposes. If you use multiple choice quizzes for any purpose, using Google Docs and grading it with Flubaroo could save a lot of time that individuals can put to better use on other tasks.
* is a free script that practitioners can use to grade the quizzes that they administer through Google Docs;
* provides step-by-step directions for using the script.
To use Flubaroo...
* create a multiple choice quiz using Forms in Google Docs;
* take the quiz yourself (this provides the correct answers for the grading process);
* get your learners to take the quiz (it can be embedded in a webpage or provide learners with the URL for the form); then
* insert the Flubaroo script by selecting it from the "insert" menu in your spreadsheet;
* once the Flubaroo script is inserted users can...
o select it and it will grade the quiz for them;
o get reporting and analysis on learner performance; and
o email learners their scores.
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Buffer: Social Media Management Platform 

Buffer: Social Media Management Platform  | technologies |
Buffer is an intuitive social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive social media results.
John Dalziel's insight:
Buffer is a digital marketing automation tool that can be adapted for MicroLearning in a learning environment. 
It allows Educational Practitioners to send out automated reminders to their learners via social media. 
They can share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn – all from one place, on their schedule. 
For example, any link, text, picture or video Educational Practitioners want to share, they... 
  - just add it to their Buffer. 
  - updates will automatically be scheduled and spaced out throughout the day to post to their chosen social networks. 
Users can custom schedule or "post now" right inside the app or from their web browser. 
Social media platforms are also good for group discussions, it's important Educational Practitioners include them in their study program. 
Buffer will help users manage and share their "lessons"/"Micro-Learning" across all platforms. 
Educational Practitioners will also love Buffer because they'll get analytics for each update they share... 
  - Clicks,
  - Retweets,
  - Repins,
  - Likes,
  - Shares,
  - Mentions 
...and more. 
Well worth trying out the Free Plan where users connect up to 4 of their Social Accounts with 10 scheduled posts per profile. 
Yes tools do have other uses than the ones they were designed to do. 
P.S. Buffer apps are available for... 
Give it a try!
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Expresso | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

A big thank you to Bill Pearson, from Reaseheath College (UK) for bringing this to our attention. Thanks Bill!
Expresso is a practical tool to analyze, edit and compare text styles in English.
It is built on top of Python Natural Language Toolkit package by Mikhail Panko, a PhD student in computational neuroscience and high-tech enthusiast.
Expresso will teach users to express themself through writing more efficiently and help make their texts more readable, precise, and engaging.
The interface Tabs provides support for users and include...
   - How to use,
   - Learning about text style Metrics, and
   - a quick interface Tutorial.

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Twitonomy: Twitter #analytics and much more...

Twitonomy: Twitter #analytics and much more... | technologies |
John Dalziel's insight:

Many learning providers share their updates through text, images, and videos on the social network Twitter.
Twitonomy is a free to use web service that lets users get in-depth Twitter statistics.
For each learning provider that has publicly viewable tweets, users can access a breakdown of things like total tweets, percentage values of the categories tweeted, multiple graphs of tweeting activity, and information about which user was tweeted most by an account and who was replied to the most.
Twitonomy lets organisations export tweets to an Excel sheet to keep local backups. They can find out who is not following them back, and they can even track clicks on the links in their tweets.
All of these features are offered under a single dashboard for free, thanks to Twitonomy.

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