Google's patent application shows how its rankings (try to) favor larger incumbent original news publishers | Technological Sparks |


The first three metrics refer to “the number of articles produced … during a given time period, an average length of an article [and] the importance of coverage from the news source.” These favor large publishers, but they select for originality and focus as well. 


Google is actually “counting the number of original sentences”

[...] The “breaking news score” is a metric of how quickly a publisher jumps on a story.

[...] The next three factors, usage patterns, human opinion and circulation statistics, are different ways of assessing popularity.


[...] In a further nod to “legacy media,” metrics eight and nine measure the number of individual bylines associated with a news source as well as the number of news bureaus. Unclear how much this will affect head counts at large publishers.

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Via Therese Torris