"Loom" 4K short film Now Online. From Luke Scott, Ridley Scott & RED | Technical & Social News | Scoop.it

Posted by Alexandros Maragos on September 26, 2012

"Loom was written and directed by Luke Scott, son of Ridley Scott and nephew of Tony. It features Giovanni Ribisi and Jellybean Howie. Cinematography by the great Dariusz Wolski, ASC. The gorgeous dark short film is a cooperation of RSA Films and RED.

Loom was shot on RED Epic in 4K 3D in the tone and style of Ridley Scott's dystopian Blade Runner to showcase the prototype 4K REDray 3D laser cinema projector. The piece was crafted to test the limits of the colour range and exposure, allowing viewers to see fine details even in extremely low light scenes.

RED initially presented Loom at the 2012 NAB Show on April 2012 and recently President Jarred Land released it online via Reduser, the company's forum."


You can download a high-res 1728x720 (1.7GB) version of Loom here.


Via Thierry Saint-Paul