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Cool tools to use in school. Kick your lessons up a notch!
Curated by Donna Mignardi
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Rescooped by Donna Mignardi from IT & education!

9 Tools to Create E-magazines and Newspapers for Your Class

9 Tools to Create E-magazines and Newspapers for Your Class | Tech Tools for School |

I am pretty sure as you introduce the idea to your students everyone will want to have a say in their next e-magazine. There is nothing much more rewarding to students then to have a proof of their hard work recognized in a publication of some sort.


Most of the tools cited here are easy to use and have user friendly interface and they will let you create your own e-magazine or newspaper in few simple steps. Yet I would recommend your discretion as you use them with your students.


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Peter Parise's comment, November 25, 2012 9:02 PM
Wow this is a good collection!
Rescooped by Donna Mignardi from Ed Tech Anonymous!

101 Excellent Sites for English Educators

101 Excellent Sites for English Educators | Tech Tools for School |

A list of the top 101 websites for English & Language Arts (ELA) chosen by real teachers from prominent LinkedIn groups.


So, Mr. or Ms. English teacher, do I get high marks for my use of alliteration in the title? Pretty fancy, eh?!

If you’re not impressed by THAT feat of literary genius, I hope you’ll at least give me an “A+” for putting together this list of 101 websites for English teachers. I did it by polling several of LinkedIn’s most prominent ELA groups over the course of a few months. As always, I hope you find something that’s new (and useful) to you!

Writing Prompts and Starters
1. The Story Starter
This automatic generator comes up with over one trillion (no joke!) creative ideas for writers. It was named to Writer’s Digest Magazine’s list of 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2012.

2. Creative Writing Prompts
When your students need inspiration, this site is the place to go. It features more than 300 detailed creative writing prompts, as well as journal ideas. You can also use the writing prompts as great warm-up activities each day.


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