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It is undeniable that technology plays an essential role in education. This topic is my way of staying updated with the latest trends and share my passion with the community.
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Rescooped by William Machado from MoodleUK!

Creating My Moodle - Prezi by Emily Button will help you plan out a fantastic course

Here's a Prezi based presentation by Emily Button which shows her process in planning and creating a great looking, fully functional and intuitive course that students will love.


These sorts of presentation are so important to show the thought process behind course design and Emily explains her rational in a clear and thoughful manner.


I really liked her:


Blended what we teach (CONTENT) and how we teach (PEDAGOGY) using a range of different tools (TECHNOLOGY)


Can anyone tell me how she managed to make those check boxes. This isnt the Task Checklist plugin is it?


I wonder if she could autolink words to a glossary instead of download?


A super prezi too...

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Moodle_UK's curator insight, May 3, 2013 6:40 AM

some great ideas and all incorporated into a very well designed Prezzi!

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Why Finland's Unorthodox Education System Is The Best In The World - The Coming Depression

Why Finland's Unorthodox Education System Is The Best In The World - The Coming Depression | Tech & Education |
Why Finland’s Unorthodox Education System Is The Best In The World...But how do they do it?

It’s simple — by going against the evaluation-driven, centralized model that much of the Western world uses.
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Transformative or just flashy educational tools?

Transformative or just flashy educational tools? | Tech & Education |

There are a couple tools out now that I see bantered around in educational circles that I just hate! And there are some pretty awesome tools out there that are being used in rather old and traditional ways, and I don’t hate the tool, but I hate the use of them.

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50 Professional Development Tips for the New Year

50 Professional Development Tips for the New Year | Tech & Education |

There is never a better time than “NOW” to start working on one’s own professional development as a teacher.  However, often unless by chance you find yourself in the perfect school with perfect colleagues – it is hard to get started and you’ll find yourself in a rut teaching the same thing in the same way (or different things in the same way), over and over.


Here’s a list that will certainly contain something to “prime the pump” and get you started developing more as an educator. Not all will be for you – but many will. Find what will work for you.

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50 tips for engaging teaching (and learning!)

Rescooped by William Machado from iGeneration - 21st Century Education (Pedagogy & Digital Innovation)!

Best Evidence Encylopedia - website dedicated to evidence based teacher practice and pedagogy

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia is a free web site created by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education's Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (CDDRE) under funding from the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education. It is intended to give educators and researchers fair and useful information about the strength of the evidence supporting a variety of programs available for students in grades K-12.


The Best Evidence Encyclopedia provides summaries of scientific reviews produced by many authors and organizations, as well as links to the full texts of each review. The summaries are written by CDDRE staff members and sent to review authors for confirmation.


Criteria for Inclusion of Reviews


The reviews selected for inclusion in the Best Evidence Encyclopedia are meta-analyses or other quantitative syntheses that apply consistent, scientific standards to bodies of evidence that both meet high standards of methodological quality and evaluate realistic implementations of programs currently available to educators. Specifically, to be included, reviews must:

Consider all studies in their area, and carry out an exhaustive search for all studies that meet well-justified standards of methodological quality and relevance to the issue being reviewed.
Present quantitative summaries of evidence on the effectiveness of programs or practices used with children in grades K-12, focusing on achievement outcomes.

Focus on studies comparing programs to control groups, with random assignment to conditions or matching on pretests or other variables that indicate that experimental and control groups were equivalent before the treatments began.

Summarize program outcomes in terms of effect sizes (experimental-control differences divided by the standard deviation) as well as statistical significance.
Focus on studies that took place over periods of at least 12 weeks, to avoid brief, artificial laboratory studies.

Focus on studies that used measures that assessed the content studied by control as well as experimental students, to avoid studies that used measures inherent to the experimental treatment.

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