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Tech & Education
It is undeniable that technology plays an essential role in education. This topic is my way of staying updated with the latest trends and share my passion with the community.
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Booktrack Classroom - Amplify your story

Booktrack Classroom - Amplify your story | Tech & Education |

Booktrack has created a new genre of digital storytelling entertainment. The patented technology lets anyone add a synchronized movie-style soundtrack—including music, ambient audio and sound effects—to an e-Book or other digital text content, with the audio paced to each individual’s reading speed. This innovative platform enables users to create and share stories—on a mobile or tablet device—in a unique and exciting way, transforming the “written” word.

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John Dalziel's curator insight, April 22, 2014 5:52 AM

Booktrack Classroom – delivers an experience for today’s generation of digital-savvy learners, providing new ways for learners to study and enjoy reading and writing.
Booktrack Classroom is a new technology that synchronizes audio with text to create an immersive reading experience.
Stories and essays published with Booktrack include a customised, movie-style soundtrack that complements the story.

Booktrack can be used in a variety of ways to engage with learners. Here are just a few examples:

Narrative Writing – Learners add music and audio to their original stories.Informative and Explanatory Writing – Learners compose essays and articles selecting suitable audio to accompany their text.Literature Study – Learners gain insight and increased understanding of the text by creating their own soundtracks for novels, stories, and plays they are reading in class.Read-Alouds – Practitioner and learner led read-alouds are enhanced through the addition of sound and music to the chapter or act being presented.

Booktrack Classroom can be used on both an individual basis as well as in group learning exercises.

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Every Website's Online Testing Essentials

Every Website's Online Testing Essentials | Tech & Education |

Kiss Metrics has released a webmaster friendly infographic that displays various online testing essentials for website functionality, search engine optimization, and various marketing campaigns. To stay ahead of your niche competition, webmasters need to test and experiment with various marketing and online visibility strategies to maximize success.

Click on the link for the complete infographic...

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Must See - Social Media Video 2013 - This is why Education Must Change

Social Media Video 2013: Social Media Revolution 4 was written by international best selling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman. It's part of a series o...

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