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It is undeniable that technology plays an essential role in education. This topic is my way of staying updated with the latest trends and share my passion with the community.
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Rescooped by William Machado from An Eye on New Media!

Could You "Quit the Internet" for 12 Months? This Man Did. This is What He Learned:

Could You "Quit the Internet" for 12 Months? This Man Did. This is What He Learned: | Tech & Education |
I was wrong.

One year ago I left the internet. I thought it was making me unproductive. I thought it lacked meaning. I thought it was "corrupting my soul."

It's a been a year now since I...

Via Ken Morrison
Ken Morrison's curator insight, May 2, 2013 12:10 PM


This tech writer for the VERGE quit the internet for one year.  This article includes some interesting insight on his experiences as well as a nice 20-minute artful documentary.  I am glad that I made time for it. There are many nuggets of wise introspection

Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, May 4, 2013 12:32 PM

I put this in this section, because of the line about corrupting my soul. The Internet, like all technology, is a tool and we need to use each mindfully.

Rescooped by William Machado from visualizing social media!

The Social Sickness - INFOGRAPHIC

The Social Sickness - INFOGRAPHIC | Tech & Education |

The Internet has become the building block of information creation and storage in the modern age. It’s a place where we can create websites, publications, blogs, and micro-blogs; then transfer that knowledge to people across the globe.

Social media has become one of the greatest harnessers of this technology and provides us with a multitude of platforms in which to engage and share content. With all of this social media bliss distracting us, sickness has also come knocking.
We have surrendered to the temptation to check our phones every two minutes to see how many likes our Instagram photos have, how many retweets our Twitter account got, and who commented on our Facebook posts...
The characters portrayed in this infographic bring us face-to-face with these tendencies, and shed insight into the types of personalties affected. Whether you’re an unabashed alert-lover, verb creator, or someone who would rather use the “like” button than ever fully engage with your friends ever again — there’s a 'social media sickness' for you.

Via Lauren Moss
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Rescooped by William Machado from visualizing social media!

Social Network Overload - Infographic

Social Network Overload - Infographic | Tech & Education |

How often have you checked your social media accounts today? Feeling unplugged is a problem for many people.  This infographic from illustrates how people are addicted to social media, and what they rather do than give up their Internet lifeline. 

Two out of three people are afraid they’re missing something important on email, Facebook, Twitter, or other accounts. In the same survey, three out of five people wished there was a solution to monitor their various communication options.

This infographic is based on the survey by Harris, and conveys a growing trend—social media overload...

Via Lauren Moss
Christine Harris-Smyth's curator insight, April 2, 2013 8:37 PM

The anxiety about missing out is not something new - it is like a child who doesn't want to go to bed when the others (adults, older children) are still having fun. It is simply in a new arena. This being connected all the time to digital media and communications devices is the new thing - not the anxiety.


We'll learn to live with it - nice infographic.


or die trying...

Cambridge Marketing College's curator insight, April 3, 2013 3:55 AM

The increasing need to be selective about which social media to use