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What Consumers Really Want from Mobile Commerce

What Consumers Really Want from Mobile Commerce | Tech |

M-commerce is prized for its convenience, but consumers want more from their mobile shopping experience....


If you've ever made a purchase on your smartphone or tablet, you're part of a rapidly growing trend called mobile commerce. The convenience of mobile commerce (m-commerce) has made it a popular choice among consumers over the past several years, and it has quickly become a large part of today's shopping landscape. Despite this popularity, a new study finds that consumers' expectations for their mobile shopping experience aren't being met.


Qualitative research firm iModerate and market research firm uSamp reported the findings of their most recent study on consumer motivations, preferences and barriers regarding their engagement with m-commerce. Their research found that the most prevalent consumer concerns about mobile shopping are personal data security and functionality. According to the study, respondents want marketers to focus on a better customer experience, transparency about security issues and content prioritization.....

Via Jeff Domansky
Peixin hu's curator insight, September 26, 2013 4:17 AM

As communications technology unceasing improves, mobile phones have evolved from a single communication tool into everyday essentials and the functions and applications of subtle change people's habits.


E-commerce can bring people anytime and anywhere shopping experience, people can use mobile devices transactions, ticketing and entertainment. in recent yeears, mobile e-commerce has growth rapidly , a growing number of people choose to shopping on their mobile or tablet. According to surveys, many people’s expectations for mobile shopping have not been met. So businesses need to make improvements and focus on a better customer experience, transparency about security issues. Strive to entities sale and internet sales become an interactive whole and both sides effectively promote their brand at same time, it will provide customers with good experience.

Min Li's comment, September 26, 2013 8:19 AM
This comment is in relation to Peixin’s insight on the article the ‘What consumers really want from mobile commerce’. For example, as a consumer I think what we really want from mobile commerce is quality service, easy to use, transparency about security issue and so on. Therefore, as marketers, what they can do is to look into the consumer’s preferences and habits, and then to make some changes to meet the consumers’ needs. More focus on customer experiences can contribute to a better understanding of consumers' needs and wants. Thanks.
Sheenal Prakash's comment, September 26, 2013 11:26 PM
Mobile phones have made it really easy for word of mouth to travel so if you expose one person via direct marketing someone you think would be really interested in the mate rail being shared than they will likely pass that information on to there as well since it dosent cost much time or effort to do so now. Social media such as Facebook Twitter or even just emails get more positive responses from people as opposed to the traditional telelmarketing or approaching people on the streets because it gives them the chance to look at the material when they wish and there is no rish involved to hurry up the conversation etc.
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Take a Lunch Break With 4 Great Mobile Marketing Case Studies | Ayantek

Take a Lunch Break With 4 Great Mobile Marketing Case Studies | Ayantek | Tech |

This week’s focus is all about mobile. We have compiled great list of case studies to demonstrate that mobile is not a separate entity from the rest of your marketing strategy, but should be combined with social, analytics, and cloud technologies to achieve maximum effectiveness. Properly utilizing the mobile channel can expand your customer base and increase brand equity.


The companies featured below are all at different stages of mobile maturity but have all improved tremendously. We discuss how created a mobile-friendly website to how Ikea made an interactive catalog experience for its customers. So take a quick break from that sales report and digest some mobile marketing case studies....

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, August 4, 2013 6:04 PM

Are you mobilized? These four case studies are an excellent starting point.

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Mobile Miscellany: week of July 29th, 2013 - Engadget

Mobile Miscellany: week of July 29th, 2013 - Engadget | Tech |
If you didn't get enough mobile news during the week, not to worry, because we've opened the firehose for the truly hardcore. This week brought.
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