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"Plenty of people are trying really hard to make online video more like TV. Israel-based web video curation startup Stevie is a little more specific about its goal: It wants online video to look like a hit show on MTV, back when MTV was still groundbreaking. 


The app, which just became available in the App Store this weekend, features more or less the same UI and functionality as Stevie’s web application: a continuous stream of short online videos consisting of things your contacts share on Facebook and Twitter as well as popular clips shared by a number of celebrities, divided into small programming units.


There’s a “show” for personalized content, one for funny stuff, one for music videos and one for celebrity clips. And in case you get bored, Stevie also displays Facebook birthdays, the latest tweets and status updates of your contacts, and a whole bunch of other information in a sidebar and two scrolling tickers..."


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