The Freedom Stick is FREE - Be Ready for Universal Design Next Academic Year | teaching with technology |

Ira Socol from SpeEdChange introduces "The Freedom Stick".  Here is some of his thoughts on what we need to do to empower learners from this time forward.


"It is time for Universal Design for Learning to be put in the hands of every student. It is time for every student to be given the opportunity to discover and experiment with a range of tools which can support their own individual differing communication needs – not just in school, but throughout their lives. is now deep into the second decade of the 21st Century and the technologies and realities of the world have changed. All around the planet people carry with them – often in their pockets – highly individualizable devices which can support all the different ways humans learn and communicate. And it is time for schools to catch up with this reality.


The new and improved “Freedom Stick” (v.2.3.2) offers students and schools the ability to arrive at this ‘technological present’ at essentially zero cost."


Ira provides a comprehensive outline of what the Freedom Stick has and why you may want to give it to all your learners.

Via Kathleen McClaskey, Tami Brass