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Rescooped by Amy McDonah from Geography Education

A map of all the underwater cables that connect the internet

A map of all the underwater cables that connect the internet | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it
Do you know how the internet gets across the ocean? This amazing map shows every cable that makes it possible.

Via Seth Dixon
Olivier Tabary's curator insight, March 25, 2015 4:28 PM

And no, not everything has turned virtual! We still rely on concrete stuff. Cables network says a lot about the way our World works. 

Logan Haller's curator insight, May 25, 2015 9:07 PM

This article deals with unit 1 because it has to do with maps. This map shows how underwater cables connect the internet throughout the world. The cables transmit 99% of international data instantly. On this map you can also see latency. Another map in this article shows 1912 trade routes and underwater cables today. The routes are similar and the interdependency has stayed but the methods and meanings for each of these things are different. To pass the ocean is risky by the investments, and trading. Sailors took tHess risks and now the tech companies are taking them. The cables are thin in the deep water equalling 3 inches across. In addition the cables are thicker in shallower water. The interesting thing is these cables can go as deep as Mount Everest is high. 

BrianCaldwell7's curator insight, April 5, 8:12 AM

Because globalization.  

Tags: Time-Space Compression, development, technology, economic, globalization, industry, unit 6 industry.

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17 Fantastic Infographic Generators!

17 Fantastic Infographic Generators! | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it

Data is crucial. However, displaying a chunk of plain data can be monotonous. Infographics visualize plain data and make it visually more appealing. Data turned into infographic has a higher potential to go viral and be effective. While many of us are designers who can design amazing infographs, Infographic Generators can come in handy to Designers and non-designers alike. They can be a time saving resource. So here is a list of 17 fantastic Infographic Generators I compiled together:...

Via Jeff Domansky
Lee Hall's curator insight, March 13, 2015 4:46 PM

Get your ideas and data across in a very effective way.

Monica S Mcfeeters's curator insight, March 20, 2015 11:49 PM

Here are links for to help with creating info-graphs.

Barbara Vermaas's curator insight, March 23, 2015 6:21 AM

Omdat ik heb zitten stoeien met Easel.ly en dat niet echte een fijne tool vind (heel beperkt en grafisch niet zo...), hoop ik dat hier een tool bij zit die me meer aanspreekt! Uitproberen dus...

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The first 5 online resources to use when learning to code - Mashable #hourofcode

The first 5 online resources to use when learning to code - Mashable #hourofcode | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it
Even if you think the buzz around "learning how to code" is overkill, you have to admit it's here to stay.

Just like it's easier to learn a foreign language if you start in grade school, getting an early grasp on mark-up and programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Java ensures you'll have an idea of what makes our digital lives and devices tick, even if you don't plan on becoming a software developer.

Via John Evans
Sylvie GAMET's curator insight, December 9, 2014 6:03 AM

Always usefull nowadays.

Elaine J Roberts, Ph.D.'s curator insight, December 9, 2014 9:20 AM

It's not too late to participate in the Hour of Code as it continues through Dec 14. Let's get . . .let's get. . . let's get coding!

Rescooped by Amy McDonah from Tools for Teachers & Learners

Create Ebooks - PapyrusEditor

Create Ebooks - PapyrusEditor | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it
Papyrus is a simple online editor to create ebooks.You can edit the cover using a simple drag and drop cover editor, import content from the web, or create new content as easily as writing a blog post.If you want to sell your ebook, all you have to do is set a price and click publish.

Via Nik Peachey
Curatorially Yours's curator insight, May 2, 2014 5:09 AM

Looks interesting - I'll be checking this one out when I get a spare moment!

Alfredo Corell's curator insight, May 3, 2014 2:05 PM

An awesome web based ePub & PDF creator. Create & edit online & it will generate ePub & PDF of your book for download.

sarah's curator insight, May 4, 2014 1:32 PM

Intéressant pour nos UD´s. en ligne.

Rescooped by Amy McDonah from Public Relations & Social Media Insight

14 Tools and Resources for Conducting Market Research

14 Tools and Resources for Conducting Market Research | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it

Finding out if a product will be successful beyond the initial curiousity is just good business. With market research, you determine if the opportunity exists, how to position the product or service, or what consumers' opinions are after the launch. If you are considering the high costs of failure and need facts and opinions on whether your new product, feature, or location will be successful, invest in market research by using these tools and resources. You can find demographic data and lifestyle preferences, understand the market size, launch surveys for user feedback, and gather ideas for your marketing plans. Information, not instinct, is powerful when it comes to predicting consumer preferences....

Via Jeff Domansky
Marut Bhardwaj's curator insight, March 9, 2015 2:34 AM

Dont ignore Market research. Getting a sense of the pulse of the market is crucial to the success of your brand, product or a new promotional tool or packaging that you may be considering. Get it vetted!

Pantelis Chiotellis's curator insight, March 11, 2015 11:56 AM

When a client is looking to launch a new product, get into a different market, or open a new store location, the odds are stacked against him. Consider this: Only 3% of consumer packaged good exceed the sales goal benchmark of a successful launch.

Thomas Tapio's curator insight, March 12, 2015 7:06 AM

Mr. Murphy say that if anything can go wrong - it will! Market research is our "partner" for an efficient way in to a competitive environment where anyone needs to stand out by defining the USP's and using the right communication to reach out for the right customers.

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Moovly - Create Animated Content like a Pro

Moovly - Create Animated Content like a Pro | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it
Moovly is an online tool that allows you to create animated videos, tutorials, explainers, presentations, infographics, video clips, display ads or e-cards.

Via Nik Peachey
Filomena Gomes's curator insight, March 20, 2015 10:26 PM
Nik Peachey's insight:

This looks like a really useful tool. It's run on a freemium model. The free version allows for the unlimited creation of videos up to 10mins long at 480p.

Andrew Sparks's curator insight, April 24, 2015 12:07 AM

this could be good when explaining historical events.  Say for a teacher giving a lecture

lynnegibb's curator insight, September 23, 2015 9:26 PM

Could be just what I need for my students

Rescooped by Amy McDonah from Tools for Teachers & Learners

The Answer Pad | The Graphically-Based Student Response and Assessment System

The Answer Pad | The Graphically-Based Student Response and Assessment System | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it

The Answer Pad is a student response system, so of course we have the typical select response question types that can be pushed out to the students. M/C, T/F, Yes/No, Fill in are a given. What makes us unique is the graphical nature of the tool, the templated backgrounds that come with The Answer Pad and the built in digital portfolio.

Via Nik Peachey
Nik Peachey's curator insight, April 24, 2014 1:17 PM

This looks like an interesting tool for student classroom response.

Mirta Liliana Filgueira's curator insight, April 26, 2014 12:49 AM

Evaluation. Herramientas Pad Log in using

Dean Mantz's curator insight, May 20, 2014 9:20 AM

I appreciate this share from Nik Peachey via his Tools for Learners page on Scoop.it.  Nik is one educator I would highly recommend folks follow on Scoop.it.  I truly appreciate his philosophical and pedagogical posts. 


As Nik points out in his summary, the feature that allows The Answer Pad to stand out from resources like Socrative and Infinite Learning is the graphing tool.  I see this feature being big in the math, science, and CAD classrooms. 

Rescooped by Amy McDonah from Geography Education

#Geography Chat

#Geography Chat | Teaching Resources, etc. | Scoop.it

"This past evening UKEdChat focused on teaching and learning Geography. Aimed at educators teaching Geography at all levels, the session shared ideas, resources, apps, pedagogy, blogs…in fact, anything that supports the teaching and learning process in the subject."

Via Seth Dixon
steve smith's curator insight, December 1, 2013 3:54 PM

Edchats are a great way to get some PD and start coversations about teaching practice.

follow one or get involved !

baouchi hammou's curator insight, December 2, 2013 8:05 AM


Susan Wegmann's curator insight, December 2, 2013 3:58 PM

Twitter chat compilation  #UKEdChat last week that was on grography.  Also found on #grographyteacher, #APHG, #sschat and others!