5 Ways Kids Can Make Their Own Movies With A Smartphone | Tech in teaching | Scoop.it

"Spielberg crashed his toy trains. Michael Bay blew his toy trains up. Either way, people who grow up and become multi-million-dollar directors all started when they were just kids.


I remember when I got my first camera: it was a Quasar VHS-C camcorder (placed in a Barbie camcorder box by my parents, who thought it was utterly hilarious). My first “film” was a stop-motion piece about G.I. Joes fighting a remote-controlled rat in our family kitchen. Had I access to a device that shot, edited, and distributed my mini-films… I would have been in heaven.


Fortunately, such a device exists today: it’s your smartphone. Now whether or not you have chosen to give your child a smartphone, it’s possible to at least allow them access to it as a means for creative expression. Below are five ways to do just that!"

Via John Evans, Bhushan THAPLIYAL