4 Steps to Create a Social Listening [+ Story] Strategy | Teaching in the XXI Century | Scoop.it
Is your business thinking about social analytics?


We know listening is the foundation skill for being able to tell compelling stories (see other articles on listening in this collection).  In this article it is now linked to effective marketing and building effective social media strategies.


I like what the author has to say, "Why? Because listening is an ongoing process that is necessary to keep a strategy fresh and competitive. It enables decision-makers to find and better understand opportunities and stakeholders."


Combine your technical listening (analytics) with your person-to-person listening and you've got a winning combination.  


Listening well (tech & people) not only informs your marketing strategy, it also allows you to know which story(ies) to tell when, creating even stronger connections with your audiences.  


What is your listening strategy for 2012?

Via Karen Dietz