5 Twitter Tips to Increase your Exposure and Engagement | Teaching in the XXI Century | Scoop.it

This excellent piece was written by Nikki Peters of MarketMeSuite for Hubspot. It was curated by JanLGordon covering her topic "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond" on Scoopit.


It is a question on them ind of just about everyone: How do I get more exposure for my content?  Well, here are some good tips, some of which you may know, but perhaps not all of which you are following?


Here's what caught my attention:


Schedule your tweets!  This is particulalry important if some of your audience is in another time zone and actively engaging in their business day while you sleep.

Analyze your data.  Learn from your analytics and create more tweets like the ones that are successful.

Connect your Blog to your Twitter account and participate in any ensuing conversation

Tweet questions!  This invites interaction.  "Remember that if someone asks you a question in real life, you tend to respond it automatically. Think like a human being when you tweet, and be responsive, too."

"Be Personal, React and Engage!.... The more you engage with your followers on a personal level, the more they'll understand you care about, and the more willing they'll be to connect with you and build a relationship."


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