This piece was written by Oscar Berg (@oscarberg) for CMS Wire and curated by JanLGordon covering her topic "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond" on Scoopit.


I was especially drawn to this article in relation to Scoopit, as I know from discussions I've had with Guillaume Decugis, this very much speaks to his vision of what this platform could and should become.


**By sharing content and helping each other source, review and curate topics of interest, we stay informed, expand the conversation and contribute to others. It's like a collective intelligence of sorts.


**An essential part of community building is giving others credit if you repost their content and thanking them for posting it.




"Since the dawn of time, primates have relied on social networks to help the whole group with their environments.


This of course applies to humans and our enterprises as well."


Here's what caught my attention:


Understanding the Dynamic of Your Networks


Today we also have information technologies such as social software that anyone can use to build, nurture and make use of their informal networks.


**And as the informal networks become visible, they become more usable to both individuals and organizations


**as we can better understand their dynamics and how to make proper use of them.


**In an environment where change is business as usual and being


**more responsive, agile and innovative is the only way to adapt to the environment, who can afford not to understand the dynamics of networks and harness their power with the use of social technologies?


Why and for how long?

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