Rovi DivX Plus Streaming solution : New challenger to established adaptive bit rate solutions | Teaching in the XXI Century |

Rovi Corporation believes there is still room for another adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming technology and intends to prove it over the next few years by taking market share for its newly launched DivX Plus Streaming solution. The company’s Chief Evangelist, Richard Bullwinkle, believes this new flavour of ABR will not only gain favour with online video content stores and device manufacturers, but overtake the popular formats deployed today, notably Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.


The company thinks it has a winning combination of better video quality, trick-play and audio features to match DVD and Blu-ray discs, low processing footprint, wide device reach, cross-brand interoperability, and the creation of a non-Apple ecosystem that is friendly to CE vendors who compete with that company.

Via Nicolas Weil