Finding Your Tone Of Voice | Teaching in Higher Education |

This seems to be such an important point when teaching online.

When creating content for the Web, considering tone of voice is important. Your tone can help you stand out from competitors, communicate efficiently and effectively with your audience and share your personality.

What Is Tone Of Voice, And Why Is It Important?
Tone of voice isn’t what we say but how we say it. It’s the language we use, the way we construct sentences, the sound of our words and the personality we communicate. It is to writing what logo, color and typeface are to branding.

When we speak to others in person, our non-verbal communication says more than the words themselves. Non-verbal communication consists of facial expressions, tone, cues, gestures and pitch. Online, we lose of all of these except tone. We can imbue our Web copy with a tone that is distinct, clear, consistent and relevant to the target audience.

You can’t create a strong and effective user experience without language. And tone of voice plays a big role in this by doing the following:

Differentiating you from competitors, Showing your personality, Helping you gain and retain customers.

Here are some snippets of content from the “About” pages of well-known brands. You can see how each has its own unique and appropriate tone of voice.