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Babel Fish? Skype Translator provides instantaneous translations for videoconferences

Babel Fish? Skype Translator provides instantaneous translations for videoconferences | Teaching in Higher Education | Scoop.it

LStory and images by Manish Singh / WinBeta Earlier this year, 


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced "Skype Translator", a ground breaking feature which would allow two people speaking in different languages to have audio conversations. At the company's Worldwide Partner Conference event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a development to that project -- Skype Translator now facilitates video conferencing as well.

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Rosemary Tyrrell, Ed.D.'s insight:

Looks like we are one step closer to Gene Roddenberry's view of the future. Does this remind anyone of a universal translator??? 

Joyce Valenza's curator insight, July 30, 2014 7:16 AM

This is going to be such a game changer for connecting learners globally!

Rocio Watkins's curator insight, July 30, 2014 10:37 AM


terry clarke's curator insight, July 30, 2014 2:54 PM

Although universal communication among people speaking different languages is certainly a worthy goal, I am reluctant to embrace the technology that allegedly allows instantaneous translation during audio/video conferences among speakers of different languages--for many reasons.

  • My ethnic Kazakh daughter and I are bilingual (English & Russian), and I have found that the act, itself, of learning a new language necessarily draws one closer to the customs and practices of the people who use the language in their day-to-day lives (requiring an examination of nearly every aspect of the lives of those who speak the "different language"--allowing, at least the feeling of, adoption of a new and different culture).
  • Language (particularly oral as opposed to written) is an imprecise method of communication, and even experienced translators will attest that different languages have idiosyncrasies that do not allow for an accurate or precise communication of a particular idea, description or opinion sought to be сonveyed. Подвиг (Podvig) is a Russian word used to describe a particular idea in Eastern Orthodox Christianity is an example of one such word--though others may disagree
  • Because of the decline of formal language usage in favor of slang and the explosion of the use of acronyms (SMH, YOLO, WTF), and the multitudes of "figures of speech", I am skeptical that current technology exists that would allow a computer program algorithm to translate accurately and instantaneously the communications between people speaking different languages.
  • Upon reflection, I could not support the widespread use of the technology described in this article. Language, in its many different and beautiful forms, is a reflection of the culture, history and heritage of those who speak it.
Rescooped by Rosemary Tyrrell, Ed.D. from Digital Presentations in Education

Remote Presentation for Skype

Remote Presentation for Skype | Teaching in Higher Education | Scoop.it

This solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 with the ability to collaborate via Skype*.

It lets you present remotely to participants of your Skype conference call.

It works great with other ConceptDraw Solution Park solutions such as Word Exchange, Presentation Exchange, and Mind Map Exchange.


*Requires all participants to have ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7.5 and Skype to present or view presentation.


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