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Selling Climate Change

Selling Climate Change | Teaching Geography @BIS | Scoop.it

As climate change descends, ads from Perrier and Diesel use global warming to sell more stuff.


How do many companies react to news of global warming? By trying to commodize it and make money.  Notice that global warming and products are being sold with sex.  What does this say about society?

Via Cathryn Wellner, Digital Sustainability, Seth Dixon, Miles Golland
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Rescooped by Amy Foster from Geog-on Golland

Economics behind Gangnam Style

The viral hit isn't a fluke. South Korea has been cultivating a global music business for decades.


You may already now that I've been fascinating watching the cultural diffusion of Gangnam Style throughout the world as mentioned previously.  This NPR podcast looks at the economic infrastructure of the South Korean music industry that explains in greater detail how this video went viral.  The distribution of this video is dependent in part on the technological sophistication and economic strategies of South Korea to associate their brands with cultural cachet.  


Tags: popular culture, industry, diffusion, globalization, technology, economic, unit 6 industry.

Via Seth Dixon, Miles Golland
Sierra_Mcswagger's curator insight, March 10, 7:39 PM

This NPR podcast explains the rapid diffusion of the song we all had stuck in our heads previously "Gangnam Style".  South Korea invests as much as they do in there music industry as they do with their vehicle industry.  Because their a small country and their music industry wants to be big, they have to get noticed outside there country. To make this work, music moguls in the country created hit factories, turning young singers into pop stars and sending them on tour around Asia. K Pop is now noticed all over the globe with songs like "Gangnam Style" which music video is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube.