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Innovation of Education Infographic

Innovation of Education Infographic | teaching and technology | Scoop.it
The Innovation of Education Infographic covers educational advances over the past hundred years.

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A evolução na sala de aula

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Eight Innovators That Shook the World

Eight Innovators That Shook the World | teaching and technology | Scoop.it
Note: This article was updated to correct the omission of Google.
There’s no more tedious subject on the internet than an endless discussion of which companies are or are not innovative.

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How Technology Enhances Creativity

How Technology Enhances Creativity | teaching and technology | Scoop.it

The truth is that by expanding possibilities and automating part of the creative process, we can all be more creative and productive. In a virtual world of infinite abundance, only creativity could ever be in short supply.

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In this very nice article, Forbes journalist Greg Satell summarizes many of the key points relevant to creativity in today's era of booming technology, with the spotlight on business activities. Technology enhances creativity, he declares. We knew that…diidn't we? Let's pause for a few side thoughts. Do the tools (technologies) of creative arts evolve through the ages? Aha! Of course they do. Just think of what changed that famous day in Newport when Dylan went electric. And you can scarcely see a new movie these days that isn't touched by high tech visuals or sound. Also, like it or not, nobody can deny the vast new genre of digital arts. Just wander around in Adobe's Creative Cloud for a while. Like that iPod in your pocket (I do) or painting on your iPad (David Hockney does)? It's good to remind ourselves of examples like thes. But now back to our writer, Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto). He describes his journalistic focus as the intersection of media, marketing and technology. In this article, Satell is keen on how businesses both need creativity and can use technology to multiply it. He adds his voice to the growing number of business writers, analysts and doers who are seeing this from the other side. Put Greg Satell and at least some of his readers on the list of those convinced of the tight coupling between modern technology and timeless creativity. Three cheers!
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Thoughts on Defining Innovation in Education

Thoughts on Defining Innovation in Education | teaching and technology | Scoop.it

"I’ve been doing some thinking about how to best define innovation in education.  I’ve been reading a lot of mission statements lately for schools and districts and keep finding the word “innovative” used, yet little sign of practices in the objectives, tactics and goals to back this up. The tactics  and action plan seem to be oriented towards producing test scores and the practices seem 20th century at best."

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Nancy White looks at definitions that businesses use to define innovative and then looks at how education defines innovation. Here is one of her statements:

"In education, innovation often results when ideas are applied to satisfy the needs and expectations of the students."

Take the time to click through to the post and read her other statements and then ask yourself 'Am I innovative? Is my classroom innovative? My school?" or "What changes need to be made to make my teaching, my classroom or my school innovative?"