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Can We Create a Culture That Values Good Teaching?

Can We Create a Culture That Values Good Teaching? | teaching and technology | Scoop.it
We like to talk about the value of pedagogy, but we never seem to get around to rewarding it.

Via Gust MEES
Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, May 27, 11:55 AM

Good teaching is probably happening without us realizing it. I read an article that suggested good teaching is about raising the standards for learning. It is a mindful experience.

Bob Irving's curator insight, May 28, 8:07 AM

Addresses mostly higher ed. A welcome approach from uninformed teacher bashing. Truly great teachers are the most influential people on the planet.

Michel J. Boustani's curator insight, May 28, 8:15 AM

The title says all!

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7 Ways Teaching Has Changed

7 Ways Teaching Has Changed | teaching and technology | Scoop.it

"Teachers are the arbitrators of knowledge and culture.

Knowledge and culture are each dynamic, endlessly crashing and churning.

This makes teaching significantly important and difficult work, and can leave teaching—as a craft—wide-eyed and nonplussed in response.

Worse, those outside the bubble of education can understandably struggle to understand the problem.

What are the teaching in those schools anyway? How is it any different from when I was in school?"

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, March 28, 10:13 PM

How has teaching changed? Below are the seven key ideas. .

1. A culture of emerging literacies

2. A society that is mobile

3. A world where equity is a central theme

4. A society of constant connectivity

5. A world where the technology learns, too

6. A context that demands new credibility in an era of information

7. A culture that can seem, well, distracted

Many teachers may be overwhelmed with these changes and may require professional development to help them develop new skills that technology brings. But change has happened before and will continue to happen. The question is how are we adapting to the changes and how can we assist our students in becoming independent  learners in this new age of learning?

María Dolores Díaz Noguera's curator insight, March 29, 9:09 AM

7 Ways Teaching Has Changed

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European word translator

European word translator | teaching and technology | Scoop.it
Translate any word from English to more than 30 other European languages, on a map

Via Seth Dixon
Melissa Marshall's curator insight, April 9, 10:23 PM

This is a fantastic resource for seeing how words have changed according to geography. Type a word into the box and see it translated directly on to a map in more than 30 languages. Great for teaching kids about regions of language, or asking how they think a certain country came to use a certain word. 

Mick D Kirkov's curator insight, April 11, 3:43 AM

Haha, hehe, hihi, or Ho-ho-ho! Maybe even huhuhuy!

Helen Rowling's curator insight, April 17, 4:57 PM

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