Are You a Credible Technology Leader? | Montessori Education |
We do not need our leaders to be our best users of technology, but they should know enough to safely use some of it and enthusiastically encourage and lead their teachers to use much of it.


Leadership, good leadership, transcends physical boundaries.  Technology cannot be dismissed from the leadership's responsibility to be in the know.  It is acceptable for the teachers to be more skilled than their leader in the use of technology with students. 


But it is not acceptable for the leader to stay removed from its use.  We need to learn beside our faculties and know and understanding the tools they are using. Room must be made for common understanding and improved use. 


Teachers, students and parents need to trust that those who make technology available and who advocate for its use know what they are talking about. The right mix of vision, knowledge, risk taking... and a dash of courage ...make schools dynamic learning environment for all of us.


The warning is against leaders giving the nod to their teachers without understanding the technology. 


===> It raises issues of trust, integrity and safety. <===


Via Gust MEES