Teachers can make a difference
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Teachers can make a difference
The quality of education in government schools in Nepal is very poor. Teachers still use traditional teaching methods. In many schools, teachers even do not attend schools. Even if they do, they do not enter the classrooms. The teachers who enter classrooms for teaching students also are found not teaching well. These are some of the major problems. This is a big problem especially in schools in the Mountainous Region of the country. This means that the children are deprived of their rights to get quality education.

Lack of creativeness is palpable among the children as there is predominance of irresponsible teachers who do not teach through the participatory approach. This means that the children take recourse to rote learning at the time of examinations. Those children who are good in mugging up the lessons and have good memory power pass the exams and those with low memory fail in the exams. There is no teaching based on multi-media and information technology.
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