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Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal

A free practical Guide that provides both instructions on how to write a funding proposal with actual examples of a completed proposal. Designed as a tool for advanced graduate students and others to learn more about the actual proposal writing process. Authored by S. Joseph Levine, Michigan State University (levine@msu.edu).
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A Simple Guide On How To Present Effectively in Public: Speaking.io

A Simple Guide On How To Present Effectively in Public: Speaking.io | Teacher Tools and Tips | Scoop.it

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, April 29, 4:21 AM

Speaking.io is a free web guide to how to present effectively in public curated by @Zach Holman, a subject matter expert, having spoken at a large number of conferences.

The Guide is elegantly organized in multiple sections, each containing a small set of more specific information chapters, and  all accessible from the home page index. 

Good resource for novice public speakers and presenters, as well as another great example of content curation at work. In this case the author has curated his know-how, notes and previous writings into one cohesive and well present gallery.

Helpful. Well designed. 8/10

Check it out now: http://speaking.io/ 

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via [url=/u/128177 x-already-notified=1]Ana Cristina Pratas[/url]

Ana Sanchez's curator insight, April 29, 1:51 PM

A very nice summary of all the points you need to think about when preparing a conference presentation. "Because “imagine everyone's naked” is terrible advice."