THOMAS provides many options for finding legislation and information about legislation. These options are described below.

Search Bill Text

Search the full text of legislation for words or phrases or search by bill number.

Coverage: The Bill Text feature covers the 101st Congress (1989) to the current Congress. Users must select the Congress that they would like to search. 

 Search Bill Text

Search Bill Summary & Status

Bill Summary & Status (BSS) contains information about bills and amendments. Whereas the Bill Text feature (described above) searches the full text of legislation, the BSS feature searches everything but the actual text of the legislation.  The BSS information includes: sponsor(s); cosponsor(s); official, short and popular titles; floor/executive actions; detailed legislative history; Congressional Record page references; bill summary; committee information; amendment information; subjects (indexing terms assigned to each bill); a link to the full text versions of the bill; and if the bill has been enacted into law, a link to the full text of the law on the Government Printing Office Web site.

Coverage: BSS covers the 93rd Congress (1973) through the current Congress.  Users must select the Congress that they would like to search