The research described here arises from our long-term engagement with teachers’ writing. It goes back to a series of commissions/workshops at NATE conference in the early 1990s, prompted by Pat D’Arcy’s response to the US National Writing Project and which focused on the teacher as reflective writer.


It was soon apparent that participants had important things that they wished to write and that writing, talking about the process of writing and reflecting on the implications of the experience for classroom practice were a powerful and unpredictable mix.


The conference writing groups very rapidly created a community that wished to continue writing and sharing beyond the conference. In 1992, the workshop gave rise to a writing group that met and continues to meet for residential writing weekends. The authors have been part of that writing group ever since. (1) The impact of working with this group seems to be profound. In this paper we begin to sketch out a map of what we are learning from being involved with teachers and writing.