FINALLY, Scrapping Performance Appraisals for What Motivates! | Talent and Performance Development |
Something big is going on. More and more companies have decided to radically change their performance appraisal process.

...Adobe, Juniper, Kelly Services, and a variety of other companies ...have decided to do away with traditional performance ratings and dramatically change the annual appraisal process.


The new keys to success:

  • Develop a “feedback-rich” culture and set of tools (often online, sometimes formal, often informal) that encourages all employees to give each other feedback. 
  • Talk about performance regularly and let employees create their own goals on a regular basis. 
  • [Ensure] managers provide ongoing feedback and teach them how to have honest conversations.
  • Assume that employees already know something about their own performance, and [help them] them self-assess. ...That starts the dialogue about expectations and the match between their self-assessment and that of the organization.

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