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Talent and Performance Development
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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN

What's Deadly about Workplace Hierarchy, Developing Performance

What's Deadly about Workplace Hierarchy, Developing Performance | Talent and Performance Development | Scoop.it

“[Hierarchies] are not very good at mobilizing effort, at inspiring people to go above and beyond.” Gary Hamel   ...hierarchy is a relic. ...It slows communication...decision-making...input. It discriminates against new talent and advocates for the familiar. .....Fresh ideas are stifled in hierarchies.

Hierarchies were useful to control employees when they could be easily replaced. Today it takes more than holding a job to motivate employees. They want to unleash their strengths, apply their passions and work alongside others who do the same

In time, rigid hierarchies...controlled by personality at the top will be outdone by nimble organizations that give power to teams. This ...shift gives the competitive advantage to businesses that leverage the collective talents of their people. ...organizations cannot thrive...with outdated structures that celebrate the individual at the top of the pyramid.

It’s more than seeking employees’ inputs, however. Replacing hierarchy means putting employees at the table co-creating solutions with managers, if they exist, to drive business results.

Deb Nystrom, REVELN's insight:

Performance and talent management systems tend to exist now embedded in hierarchical systems.  Talent & performance development requires something quite diffferent, unhinged from industrial age systems, as the author implies. ~  D

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN

10 Ways to Change Performance Management Circa 2013 ~ Bacal

10 Ways to Change Performance Management Circa 2013 ~ Bacal | Talent and Performance Development | Scoop.it

Ten shifts that are necessary to modernize and update how we manage performance.


1) Negotiating Goals and Objectives, Not Dictating

3) Individualizing Expectations Even For Employees Doing The Same Job

Each person ....bring their unique strengths to the job. So, people in the same position often do quite different things, and should be ...recognized for their unique contributions.

4) Managers Understand Employee Engagement Can Be Fostered Through Proper Management of Performance

Performance management is THE tool to help establish meaning of work, because it helps employees understand how their jobs fit into the whole.

Managers need to understand, also, that the reliance on rating forms for evaluation is a waste, and tends to squash employee engagement.

8) Recognize Employee Performance Is Not Always Under Their Control and Focus On The System

...much ...of what employees do is dictated and influenced by the environments they work in. ....discuss ALL barriers to employee performance, ...and move to remove those barriers.

9 ) Human Resource Departments Need To Enable Managers, Not Insist On Conformity

Human Resources (HR) needs to enable managers by providing them with a variety of tools, rather than dictate a one-size-fits-all system that is imposed upon managers and staff.

- See more at: http://performance-appraisals.org/Bacalsappraisalarticles/articles/tenways.htm#sthash.NdhA5cod.dpuf

Deb Nystrom, REVELN's insight:

I've been following Robert Bacal for more than a decade.  For those ready to begin to take initial steps to let go of outdated performance practices that have low ROI, this is a helpful site and guide.  

He is also of the ilk of behaviorists including Aubrey Daniels.

For those who want to make the big leap, Robert Bacal's approach would be more incremental change, not transformational.    For those perspectives, stay tuned.  

~  Deb

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