The Right Support at the Right Time:  Embedded Performer Support | Talent and Performance Development | urgent announcement, “This is a code yellow alert! – Repeat – This is a code yellow alert!”

My colleagues and I snatched for the laminated cards that hung around our necks and determined that a “code yellow” meant there was a hazardous materials spill in the building and we were to evacuate immediately. We did. No one was injured. We had the perfect EPS application available to us at the right time.

...Whatever technology is used to enable that seamless, frictionless, ubiquitous link to the right EPS needs to answer several critical questions including:

  • Who is/are the performer(s)?
  • What are the performance expectations of their role?
  • What are the expectations [tangible outcomes] of their performance?
  • Where are they physically located when the moment of need arises?
  • Where are they located within a workflow when the moment of need arises?
  • What is their level of connectivity when the moment of need arises?
  • What devices are in the hands of the performer when the moment of need arises?
  • What environmental attributes are present that could influence/impede performance?
  • What is the level of urgency to perform flawlessly at the moment of need?
  • What are the risks associated with less than flawless performance?

Take note that these questions are all addressing performance…and the performer…in their post-training work context. I draw this distinction because the answers to these questions shine the light on what “technology mix” and what “access/delivery venues” are most appropriate to enable an effective EPS solution.

Via Paul Summers