Style tips by Franceschetti Shoes: at the theater | TAFT: Trends And Fashion Timeline |

Going to the opera is a date with culture, but also a social event. It’s important dressing well to be in harmony with the context. There are some style rules to follow that are based on three values: don’t be too eccentric, be balanced and have attention to detail.
The kind of clothing varies if it is a first or other evenings, and also changes according to your age. The colors, however, are constant and strictly dark. If you are going at a première the rule would impose a tuxedo, evening suit par excellence, with white shirt, black tie or bow tie, waist band, matching socks with dress, lace-up shoes, mocassins and ankleboots are banned. However, you will also be at ease with a dark suit, maybe with shiny details.
If you are very young you can do without the tie, but the shoe has to be graceful and absolutely black or very dark. Also for you men accessories are important, but don’t overdo: are enough cufflinks, a nice watch, wedding ring, if you are married, and wrapping scarf, but not too bulky to warm you, leaving the theater, on cold winter evenings. Don’t wear too much perfume to not inebriate who is sitting next to you in the box seat or in the audience …. Are you ready, we can only wish you good fun and a good evening …

Via Mariano Pallottini