President Mas: “The referendum will happen” | Tackle it! |

Sant Vicenç dels Horts (ACN).- No turning back on the referendum. The Catalan President, Artur Mas, said on Friday that he still plans to call a referendum on independence in 2014. “The referendum will happen – yes or yes. There has been not one step back, nor any slow down in the plans”, he argued, following political turmoil in Catalonia after his comments about the possible use of plebiscite elections in 2016 if the referendum is forbidden by Spain.

Trying to clarify his stance, Mas said he plans to put the question to the Catalans next year, but that he needs a “back-up plan” in case Madrid “boycotts” the referendum. However, critics – including leading civil society activists Carme Forcadell and Muriel Casals – argue that 2016 might be too late to hold a “plebiscite-style” election and that a ‘no’ from Madrid should be followed by immediate early elections or a unilateral declaration of independence...


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