The Blurred Line Between PR and Marketing | SYLVIE MERCIER |

The growing similarities in tools used for Public Relations and Marketing raise questions of how the two are different anymore. Is SEO PR or Marketing.


While inbound marketing is something that some accept and some don’t, it would be superfluous to argue that marketing hasn’t evolved in the last couple of decades with ‘inbound’ as simply a new version. The same can be said for public relations and the methods and channels it uses.


Modern marketing tools such SEO, social media or blogs can all be used in either a PR or marketing way. Search engine optimization establishes what the perceived image and related topics of a company can be; so it’s an image builder while also directing precise traffic to a place of accurate results. A simple Facebook post can introduce a new product/ service or it can establish a company opinion. Blogs can be informative in either a marketing tone of “here’s what we offer” or a PR angle of “why this product is good for consumers”.


Technology. That’s why I (and likely you by now) have questioned where the line is drawn between PR and marketing. It’s all about the tools used. We may have a similar message to share, but we are looking for different results. How we get those results will overlap, but it’s how we interpret and analyze that information that defines the difference between public relations and marketing....

Via Jeff Domansky