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Top 10 Small Business Tips of 2013

Top 10 Small Business Tips of 2013 | Swag, promotional products | Scoop.it

Via Daniel Watson
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check out #6

Daniel Watson's curator insight, December 28, 2013 8:35 AM

The year 2013, will not go down in history as a stellar year for most business owners, however 2014 is shaping up  as a year where greater rewards may be on offer for those businesses who persist with their efforts to improve.

One way business owners can improve the performance of their businesses in 2014, is to take on board the tips offered by others in  2013, that were widely regarded as good business tips.

This good article, lists the top 10 small business tips offered by interviewees questioned by a business publication, and amongst them are several that could be applied to any business with positive effect.

Tooliers's curator insight, January 10, 2014 9:44 AM

Great tips for small businesses.  Tooliers also had a "Tip of the Day" campaign with great results!


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Chipotle Tries To Become Lifestyle Brand - Business Insider

Chipotle Tries To Become Lifestyle Brand - Business Insider | Swag, promotional products | Scoop.it
In an attempt to combat competitors like Qdoba and Taco Bell, the burrito chain is selling organic cotton sweatshirts, sponsoring festivals for locally-sourced food, and backing a comedy video series mocking industrial farming, ...
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Swag upgrades Chipotle's brand from a run of the fast food chain

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