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Ce petit coin s’agrémente volontiers d’installations fonctionnelles, garantes d’hygiène.  

Moins d'eau, c'est mieux

Les réservoirs de la nouvelle génération, à deux vitesses, consomment 3 et 6 litres (contre 10 litres pour les anciens). Cet écart important qui impacte la facture (un écart de coût annuel variant du simple au triple) justifie de ré-envisager un équipement qui date.



How timely this post on the virtues of the WC that flushes two different volumes of water, we're in the market for a new loo downstairs. The ancient outfit that was present on our arrival is a water monster, using up far too much for each flush, no matter what the delivery, a #1 or #2.


Timely, and yet way late. No, really. I lived in two brand new apartments in Amsterdam, moved into the first in 1984, the second in 1988, and each had these economical and ecological water tanks. What's up with being nearly 30 years behind, flushing, flushing, flushing good water away?

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