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Sustainable Futures
Things to do, consider and act on to create a sustainable future for people and planet
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Finding the ROI in Sustainability

Finding the ROI in Sustainability | Sustainable Futures |
When sustainability investments take a little longer to pay off, the conversation between sustainability director and CFO becomes a little more challenging.

Via Expressworks International
Expressworks International's curator insight, May 12, 4:42 PM

“Sustainability,” says Young, the co-founder of Meterhero, “is not just about running more efficiently or using less carbon. It’s about being able to sustain yourself in a future that’s going to be defined by disruption and change.” 


Innovation, disruption, culture transformation are all "flavors" of change confronting business today.  Strategic change programs must accompany any sustainability effort to obtain the best ROI.

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Resilience: The Next Big Word for 2012

Resilience: The Next Big Word for 2012 | Sustainable Futures |

Resilience is a word that captures much of what has occurred over this past year: the Arab Spring; the anger that has boiled over into first the Tea Party and then the Occupy movements; strapped municipal budgets; and coping with an onslaught of natural and man-made disasters around the world. Whether we are talking about economic resilience, political resilience or social resilience, the R word captures what many at the grassroots are facing at a volatile time.

Via Christoph Hensch
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