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Sustainable Futures
Things to do, consider and act on to create a sustainable future for people and planet
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Microfinancing The Sustainable City

Microfinancing The Sustainable City | Sustainable Futures |
Cities are experiencing rapid growth across the Global South. With this growth however, also comes economic disparity and environmental degradation. Can microfinance offer a solution to these growing concerns?

With mass urbanisation has also come significant concern with regard to economis disparity and environmental sustainability. 

From one perspective, rural to urban migration is thought to be helping to alleviate poverty by pushing more people into the middle class. Additionally, increased urban population density is seen to be ‘green’ because it lowers dependency on private vehicle use and increases resource efficiency. From another perspective however, mass urbanisation also causes a variety of problems across a range of geographic scales: socio-economic inequality, slums, sprawl, deforestation, air pollution, excessive waste and poor water management, to name a few. There is no ‘silver bullet’ for these problems...

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Com a projecte per les grans ciutats pot funcionar però no mitiga les migracions massives. Faltaria una estratègia per revalorar el món rural potser.

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Energy Efficiency Can Make Billions While Fighting Climate Change

Energy Efficiency Can Make Billions While Fighting Climate Change | Sustainable Futures |
Energy efficiency could be a huge investment opportunity in the U.S., but better policies are needed to unlock financing, according to a new Ceres study.

Energy efficiency could be a several hundred billion dollar investment opportunity in the United States, but better policies are required to unlock broad-based financing from institutional investors, according to a new study by investor advocacy group Ceres.

The study details the results of a survey of nearly 30 institutional investors and other experts from the energy, policy and financial sectors that identified three areas of policy:

  • utility regulation
  • demand-generating policies and 
  • innovative financing policies

The study finds that these three areas have the potential to take energy efficiency financing to a scale sufficient enough to attract significant institutional investment.

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