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The Courage to Change
"It is one thing to look objectively at change or to study it at a distance, in an attempt to both understand and shape it. Yet it is another thing to look at how we ourselves approach change – i.e. do we embrace change, or do we resist it? Is it exciting, or is it frightening? While the blind spots and limitations of others are often directly visible to us, it is less commonto look at our own assumptions and beliefs, our areas of discomfort and anxiety, and our fears, including the shadows that cover emotions that we would prefer to hide. This can make one feel quite vulnerable, and most people will find good reasons, consciously or unconsciously, to avoid this at all costs.” From “The Courage to Change: Adaptation from the Inside-Out” by Karen O’Brien – coming soon in Moser and Boykoff’s new book, “Successful Adaptation to Climate Change: Linking Science to Policy in a Rapidly Changing World”.   ;

Via Karen O'Brien