An Architect’s Live Work Studio on Formentera | sustainable architecture |
Here's another classic villa from the studio of Marià Castelló Martínez on the island of Formentera.

In Es Pujol De Sera they realise their contemporary version of the spare architectural tradition of Formentera. Set far from the sea in the inland region, one entire side of the compact and simple live/work space houses an architecture studio. The program is work on one side, live on the other. Even the plan displays the austere geometry that is their signature. The spacious studio provides an unhurried setting for devising thoughtful architecture. The working side of the house is just as open and inviting as the basking and lazing side.

The villa is surrounded by the smell of rosemary, and is set in a region with wheat and barley fields. The topography inland is flat and the inertia of these surroundings is reflected in the flat affect of the villa itself. A small setback around the edge in section creates the sensation that the building is floating over the site to transition between the manmade and the natural environment...