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How a Green-Roofed School is Educating the Next Generation of Innovators

How a Green-Roofed School is Educating the Next Generation of Innovators | sustainable architecture |

Marcel Sembat High School in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France by Archi5 is an example of how architecture uses technology in surprising ways. 

Part of a larger rehabilitation of the high school, the new workshop building features a series of linear bars, each with a sloped green roof. Small patios between these volumes open to create skylights, with daylight entering through large windows created by the offset of the linear volumes, illuminating the large workshops.

The environmental technology in the building is mostly passive. Located on a site between a park and the city with a large, the north-facing facade opens up to city views, while the southern side has smaller windows shaded by overhangs. The difference between the two heights creates the shape of the building, while the green roof helps deflect wind and creates a low-maintenance green plaza.

Ma. Caridad Benitez's curator insight, May 27, 7:57 AM

So so so Green! 

Judit Urquijo's curator insight, June 4, 2:25 AM

Este sorprendente proyecto se localiza en las proximidades de la ciudad de Rouen, al NO de París. 

Obra del estudio de arquitectura francés Archi5 en colaboración con B. Huidobro, ha sido premiado en el certamen Architizer A+ Awards de 2014 en la categoría de "Tipología". 

Como se puede observar en la imagen adjunta, su principal características es el techo verde con el que se ha cubierto el edificio destinado a la enseñanza de mecánica. La integración con un cercano parque urbano es impresionante.

La comunidad bonaerense de arquitectura y diseño Arqa se hizo eco de este proyecto en 2011, incluyendo en su entrada imágenes de algunos de los planos. En los mismos se puede apreciar que uno de los principales escollos que se tuvieron que salvar fue la calle que divide los distintos edificios de los que se compone el liceo. No obstante, el problema se solucionó con la construcción de un edificio-puente.

Más imágenes en la web de Archi5

Euridice Hollis "Neal's Yard Independent Consultant"'s curator insight, June 13, 1:00 PM

Love This!

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Resilient floating school provides reliable education in flood-prone African village

Resilient floating school provides reliable education in flood-prone African village | sustainable architecture |

Built with recycled and local materials, this floating school is a prototype that could be built in other flood-prone areas.

Designed by NLÉ, a firm founded by Nigerian-born architect Kunlé Adeyemi, the Makoko Floating School is a prototype that could be applied to other areas in Africa that face infrastructural and social challenges due to climate change.

More at the link.

Christian Allié's curator insight, April 4, 8:07 AM



..  [Makoko Floating School] is a movable 'building' or 'watercraft' currently located in the aquatic community of Makoko in the lagoon heart of Africa's second most populous city - Lagos, Nigeria. It is a floating structure that adapts to the tidal changes and varying water levels, making it invulnerable to flooding and storm surges. It is designed to use renewable energy, to recycle organic waste and to harvest rainwater.

[ ... ]


The designers envision whole communities built in this clever fashion, which can float with on the rising waters of a natural disaster. Check out our other post on flood-resistant, floating bamboo homes, and see more over at Dezeen and NLÉ.

CORRECTION: The floating platform is made of "16 wooden modules, each containing 16 [recycled empty plastic barrels]." We apologize for the error.

Related on bamboo house that floats when it floods, revisitedThis geodesic houseboat cost less than $2,000 to buildAutark Home: A Self-Sufficient, Floating Passivhaus Houseboat
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Interaction and Collaboration: Saunalahti School by VERSTAS Architects

Interaction and Collaboration: Saunalahti School by VERSTAS Architects | sustainable architecture |

In the “Future School” educational activities will increasingly take place outside the traditional classroom and introduce new ways of learning.

Saunalahti school is a building tailored to support the pedagogical ideas of a forward-looking school. In its operation, the school puts special emphasis on new ways of learning, art and physical education and collaboration. The building supports these ideas by creating places for interaction of various scales and atmospheres.

ESTAR's curator insight, July 29, 2013 8:41 AM

#arquitectura es deleitar la vista del futuro usuario

Annie Clarke's curator insight, October 14, 2013 5:21 PM

living in response to your environment

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A Floating School That Won’t Flood

A Floating School That Won’t Flood | sustainable architecture |

Makoko is a water-logged settlement in Lagos, home to about 250,000 people living mostly in makeshift structures on stilts.

Instead of stilts,  Kunlé Adeyemi, a Nigerian-born architect who now lives in Holland, sees floating structures with better access to power and fresh water and more sustainable means of waste disposal.

His first project--what he calls a "seed to cultivate a new type of urbanism on water in African cities"--is a floating school. The three-story structure is 108 square feet at its base, and 33 feet high. It sits on a flotation deck made of 256 used plastic drums. And the body is all wood, which is sourced locally. The building is designed for about 100 students (aged 4 to 12), and has its own power system based around solar panels on the roof...

Ankita Sharma's curator insight, February 12, 2013 3:56 AM

really great work

Natalie Curtis's curator insight, March 7, 2013 7:40 AM

This is an amazingly good use of architecture and it's alternate purposes and uses. It's a creative and innovative way of redesigning the structure and living means of a community that struggles with flooding and is wholly a water-based living society. The main means of transportation is canoe and so where else should their homes and schools be but on the water? These drum-bottomed, 33 feet high structures give this community a school that is practically flood-proof and can sustain itself with solar panels, as well.

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New York's 1st Net Zero Energy School

New York's 1st Net Zero Energy School | sustainable architecture |

The first net zero energy school in New York State broke ground today; the school, located on a 3.5-acre site in Richmond, Staten Island, will be a 444-seat primary school.

Roger Duffy, FAIA, SOM Design Partner and head of the firm’s Education Lab called this project, “an extraordinary opportunity to help define the next generation of energy efficient school buildings for New York City and beyond.”
Bruce Barrett, Vice President of Architecture & Engineering described the intentions for this project: Using this unique project as a vehicle, the SCA (New York City School Construction Authority) will explore new and higher levels of sustainability by embarking on the construction of a Net Zero Energy School Building. Recognizing Mayor Bloomberg’s and New York City’s commitment to sustainability in general, and to energy conservation specifically, we have challenged ourselves to go beyond building code and design standards to realize innovative energy and carbon reductions exceeding our current achievements. We want to push the envelope on this advanced green project, which will be our ‘sustainability lab.’

View more renderings and find more details at the article link.

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Vissershok Primary School | container classrooms

Vissershok Primary School | container classrooms | sustainable architecture |

Set in the picturesque Durbanville wine valley on the outskirt of Cape Town, Vissershok Primary School is a rural school where most pupils are children of farm workers and underprivileged
communities living in Du Noon, a poverty-stricken township several kilometres away.
The Vissershok Container Classroom, sponsored by three SA companies- Woolworths, Safmarine and AfriSam, is a 12m recycled container converted into an independent classroom for 25 Grade R
(age 5-6) pupils.
The first phase of the project started with a design competition called “Making the Difference Through Design”. Run by Woolworths annually, the competition is aimed at introducing design to local
high school pupils. This year the brief calls for creative solutions on how a recycled container can be adapted to help under-resourced schools.

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Zero Net Energy School, Los Angeles, CA

Zero Net Energy School, Los Angeles, CA | sustainable architecture |

Holcim Awards Silver 2011 North America: The public school project is designed as a prototype to be built on multiple campuses throughout Los Angeles. Its aim is an economical, flexible and yet, in its spatial concept, ambitious design that can be adjusted to different pedagogical models and learning styles. The two-level building can accommodate up to 500 students and may also be reconfigured for other communal functions. The sustainability concept intends to reach a net zero energy building standard and achieve LEED Platinum rating.

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Design Bureau » Designing to Build

Design Bureau » Designing to Build | sustainable architecture |
The East Harlem School mission is righteous, but dead serious: to provide an affordable, rigorous academic program for low-income families, and to embrace creativity and ambition with a no-nonsense attitude.
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A Farming Kindergarten in Vietnam with a Spiraling Green Roof

A Farming Kindergarten in Vietnam with a Spiraling Green Roof | sustainable architecture |

In Dongnai, Vietnam, Vo Trong Nghia Architects has completed the construction of ‘farming kindergarten’, a large pre-school designed to accommodate up to 500 children. The project is envisioned as a model of sustainability set within the tropical climate, allowing the school’s young inhabitants to understand the importance of sustainable education and design.

A fully accessible green roof drawn in a triple-ring-shape creates three courtyards enclosed by the looping structure, providing safe and secure playgrounds for the kindergarten’s occupants. The different levels and gradients created by the building’s spiral form offer a series of distinct outdoor learning environments, where children are able to forge a close relationship with the natural world.

More images and information at the link.

Lola Ripollés's curator insight, May 5, 3:14 PM

Patios ajardinados en una cubierta con distintos niveles para el recreo de los niños.

Ati Energia's curator insight, May 6, 7:30 AM

Sustainability in Vietnam and educating children at the kinder garden level. 

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Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium / BIG

Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium / BIG | sustainable architecture |

From the architect. BIG conceived a large multifunctional space that could be used for sports, graduation ceremonies and social events.The new hall comprises a sunken 1,100 m2 space, placed five meters (16.5 feet) below the ground in the center of the school’s courtyard, ensuring a good indoor climate, low environmental impact and high architectural quality.

The exterior wooden decked surface consists of untreated oak wood and white enamel coated steel benches, also designed by BIG. The only light sources at night are the benches and BIG designed seating which are outfitted with tiny LED lights beneath lighting up the entire courtyard.The edge of the roof is designed as a long social bench, its lattice design ensures the penetration of daylight below. Solar panels placed strategically around the existing buildings provide heat for the hall.

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Jåttå Vocational School by Henning Larsen Architects

Jåttå Vocational School by Henning Larsen Architects | sustainable architecture |

Jåttå Vocational School is designed as a small ‘town in town’ featuring a vibrant double-high central street surrounded by individual ‘urban quarters’, each with their own teaching environments and lecture rooms. 

The heart of the school – the central street comprising the main hall, canteen and resource centre – forms an active and vibrant gathering point offering a view of the green patios and roof landscape of the building as well as the workshops and study areas. A sequence of ramps and stairs lead from the entrance further up through the building and through the lecture hall, all the way up to the roof landscape offering a view of the scenery and fjord.

With its minimalist, floating architecture, the School forms the entrance to Stavanger’s new urban quarter by the fjord. The concentrated design enhances the way the building interacts with its surroundings and underlines its proximity and transparency. The double high windows allow daylight into the building, stimulating the learning process....

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Melbourne's Bentleigh School wins most sustainable educational institution at International Green Awards

Melbourne's Bentleigh School wins most sustainable educational institution at International Green Awards | sustainable architecture |
Bentleigh Secondary School in Melbourne's east has been named the most sustainable educational institution according to the International Green Awards which were held in London this month.
Suters Architects have been involved with the school over many years in the redevelopment of the entire campus and worked in partnership with the college to design stages 1 and 2. Project Leader, John Schout said that the campus has a positive effect on the environment as well as changing the behaviour of staff and students to best practice environmental management:
"A new building, a Meditation and Indigenous Cultural Centre, designed entirely of timber is an example of sustainable carbon capture principles and will be completed in 2013. Key ESD initiatives include shading and natural light, solar panels, water treatment and wetlands and a planned thermal heating and cooling system."
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École Maternelle by Eva Samuel Architects and Associates

École Maternelle by Eva Samuel Architects and Associates | sustainable architecture |

Eva Samuel Architects and Associates designed this school in Paris, France.

The building’s envelope is a response to several environmental aims: visual protection, increased natural light to counteract the surrounding solar screens, no thermal bridges, natural ventilation and double flux in winter. This school is the first to comply with the City of Paris’s climate plan. The result is a thick façade with varied reliefs – bay, alcove, and concave windows – used horizontally on the roof as skylights and to house air treatment machinery and ventilation chimneys. These multi-form elements enliven and dematerialise the façades.

The atmosphere inside the school is gentle and serene. The only colours are those of the materials themselves, such as the wood of the false ceilings and the bay windows. The façade’s thickness creates a strong sense of protection and minimises outlook from neighbouring towers. The children enjoy taking over the micro-spaces generated by the façade’s thickness, using them as mini-living rooms, for reading, tea parties, hiding, etc...

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Green School Building in Bali... Built with Bamboo

Green School Building in Bali... Built with Bamboo | sustainable architecture |

John and Cynthia Hardy has left everyone with an open mouth showing that you can live in harmony with the environment without changing much. This is because the green school has created a bamboo base also contains solar panels. Aesthetically could not be better and all this with the addition that the structure will blend with nature in place...

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Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab — Living Building Challenge

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab — Living Building Challenge | sustainable architecture |
Conceived as a high school science building dedicated to the study of alternative energy, the new Energy Lab at Hawaii Preparatory Academy functions as a zero-net-energy, fully sustainable building.
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