Modular materiality at House K by Auerbach Halevy Architects | sustainable architecture |

A unique example of sustainable and modular design influenced and reflective of the vernacular and local tradition, while incorporating modern materials and concepts...

In a rural area in Israel, Auerbach-Halevy has designed a distinctive house.  The design is a concrete block, and the north elevation facing the street and both side facades seem completely opaque, yet they are not alienated to their environment.
The entire structure is covered with a uniform system of prefabricated exposed concrete panels, which are integrated with heavy wood Latticework – A reminder to the traditional oriental element – the eastern trellis (“mashrabia”). The combination of materials and distribution arrangements add warmth, and ease the rigid system.

In HOUSE K the pre-cast concrete panels participate in the interior design, dictate the rhythm in the house and affect its scale.
The unique appearance of the house expresses locality, and by combining the exposed concrete elements with the trellis wooden work, creates a unified and coherent language. This combination of elements transcends beyond the contrasting and complementary nature of the materials, resolves the symbolic collision produced by the components, and therefore creating a unity between tradition Arab style and modernist building.