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sustainable architecture
design strategies + innovative technologies that promote a sustainable built environment
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Zinc-clad chapel by René van Zuuk to be built over Almere's city lake in the Netherlands

Zinc-clad chapel by René van Zuuk to be built over Almere's city lake in the Netherlands | sustainable architecture |
The city of Almere in the Netherlands has selected a small curvy chapel designed by René van Zuuk to be constructed over the surface of the Weerwater lake.

A petal-shaped window will form the front facade and a narrow strip of glazing will extend across the roof.

"It should be an eco-friendly sustainable architectural object that fits in the city centre and strong enough to be able to create its own position in the ensemble," added Van Zuuk.

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A field chapel made by the hands of community...

A field chapel made by the hands of community... | sustainable architecture |
Made by the hands of community - A field chapel has been built in the Odenwald. An architectural firm, 12 students from Chicago and local craftsmen realized the wooden construction.

With no funding or even a plot of land, Reverend Moser-Feesche had taken it upon himself, with the help of a local architectural firm, to build a chapel. In order to realize this nonprofit project they would assembled a small army of volunteers, recruited from as far as the US.

Under their professor's direction, 12 students from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago drew up plans for the chapel. In addition to the group of students and architecture firm, local craftsmen and the church co-operative played an instrumental role. A farmer offered the pastor a plot of land, the wood needed came in the form of donated construction timber processed at a local sawmill, and the gravel for the courtyard came from the River Main.

After just eight weeks of hard teamwork the community was bestowed with a new chapel on the aforementioned hill. The façade of the modest building is a mesh of diagonally-angled wooden planks. From a courtyard, intended as a representation of the temporal, one steps through an open foyer into the actual chapel at the base of the nine-meter-tall tower.

The interdenominational chapel provides a peaceful place of retreat for anyone who may pass by.

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